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CyberClean - Home & Office Cleaning Products

CyberClean are a brand that have an exciting range of cleaning products designed to be used with all types of gadgets (tablets, cameras, s...

CyberClean are a brand that have an exciting range of cleaning products designed to be used with all types of gadgets (tablets, cameras, smart phones, laptops, plasma screens and many more). Their range also includes an unique product called the 'Cleaning Compound' which is designed to clean keyboards, remote controls and gaming controllers etc. I was recently sent the CyberClean TV Screen & Remote Cleaner to try out. The pack consists of two products - the Screen Cleaner and the Cleaning Compound in a pot.

The TV Screen Cleaner has been specifically designed to clean TV plasma screens; you can however use it to clean computer screens as well. Cleaning is simple - spray once or twice and then gently wipe the screen using the cleaning cloth at the back of the cleaner. I cleaned all the laptop screens at home with this cleaner and it left no traces of dirt or finger prints. The design is ergonomic and stylish. In the aesthetic department it scores much more than other screen cleaners. And on the cleaning front as well it does well but most screen cleaners would do the same.

The product that won me over was the CyberClean Cleaning Compound. It has an unique jelly like texture, somewhat like 'Flubber' - a bit more soft and malleable maybe. The compound can be moulded into any crevice/gap and removes dirt from places a normal cleaner would not be able to reach. You can use the Cleaning Compound to clean keyboards, phones, remote controls, ventilation grills and cameras. In fact any device that has hard to reach areas can be cleaned with the Cleaning Compound.

I did not clean my keyboard and laptop screen for a few days, just to show you folks the 'before vs. after' pictures :) So here it goes. On the left hand side is my grubby keyboard and to the right it shows the cleaner version. I could not get crisp/clear pictures of the areas between the keys, but the Cleaning Compound picked up all the little bits that were present between the keys.

Using the Cleaning Compound is easy. Take it out of the cup and gently place it on the keyboard. Do not rub. Simply press it on, leave for a couple of minutes and then roll it over. The compound feels very soft and a bit runny, but it comes off easily. It does not leave any residue behind.

I also used it clean my camera lens and was quite happy with the results. Mr. H loved the Cleaning Compound. He has used it to clean a range of his electrical gadgets and is very pleased with the results. The cleaning compound has an antiseptic solution and claims to kill 99.9% of germs as well.

Another plus point of the Cleaning Compound is that it is reusable. The compound digests the dirt it picks up and locks it away within itself. Once the CyberClean compound changes colour (from neon yellow to a neon green) then it’s time for you to pick up a new one. Overall, I am extremely happy with the Cleaning Compound - it doesn't look or feel like a conventional cleaner, but its so easy to use and does the job very well.

The TV Screen & Remote Cleaner pack is priced at £25.00 and can be picked up online at CyberClean. The Cleaning Compound is  also sold individually in a pot(£8.00) and in a zip pouch(£5.00).

What do you think of the CyberClean range of cleaning products? Have you used any of them? Would you give the Cleaning Compound a go?

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