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Cocofina Review

Last week I was sent some goodies to review from a brand that I had not heard of earlier - Cocofina . Launched in 2005, Cocofina literally ...

Last week I was sent some goodies to review from a brand that I had not heard of earlier - Cocofina. Launched in 2005, Cocofina literally means "Fine Coconut Water" and includes a product range consisting of Coconut oil, Coconut flower nectar, organic Coconut bars, flavoured Coconut water and of course pure Coconut water. All the products are made using 100% natural Coconut water and this means the sweetness of the drinks could vary depending on the season. Coconut water is known to be isotonic i.e. it has the same salt concentration as our blood and is helpful in replacing lost nutrients etc. It also helps prevent dehydration. No wonder Coconut water is one of the preferred isotonic drink of athletes.

Let me move onto the products I received and my families' views on them. First up is the Coconut water. Coconut water like I mentioned earlier can vary in its consistency and sweetness depending on the season and the batch of fruits. The sample that we tried was mildly sweet and very light. It felt like drinking pure water with a delicate sweet taste. Perfect for the summers. I had stored it in the fridge for half a day before we consumed it. While it tasted wonderful chilled, I feel it would taste equally nice if it is not chilled.

Next up is the flavoured Coconut Water drink. We got three variants to try out: Apple & Blueberry, Mango & Guava, Tea & Passion Fruit. If you prefer not to drink pure Coconut water for any reason, then these flavoured versions are for you. With interesting combinations in each variant, these are an innovative way to mix flavours. I was particularly keen on the taste of the Tea & Passion Fruit version. Tea and Coconut Water are not two things that I would have imagined combining. But the combination works well. In fact in all the 3 variants that we tried the added flavours were mild and did not dominate the Coconut water taste. This was a winning point because it would not have made sense if the Coconut water taste was totally over powered by the other flavours. So, well done Cocofina team for the lovely balance of flavours.

The third product is the Coconut Flower Nectar. I had only recently heard of this when I received my June Degustabox. The box contained a pack of Alpha Bites which was sweetened with Coconut Flower Nectar. It was then that I had researched about this nectar and came to know that it is a wonderful alternative to sugar due to its low Glycaemic index. I have tried it with yoghurt and also with lemon drinks. I have also used it on toasted bread :-) and loved it. I think it might work well in baking recipes too. The taste is similar to honey more or less. It is not sickly sweet, rather it has a delicate sweet taste. My favourite product of the lot that I received.

There were two types of bars in our package - Coconut & Date bar and the Coconut & Cocoa bar. There was also a Coconut Macaroon bar. The Date and Cocoa bars were wonderful. Satiating, wonderful texture and lovely taste - the bars would be ideal before a workout or as a breakfast bar. Mr.H liked these. The Macaroons were chewy and had a nice taste. All the bars would be perfect for a snack attack :)

Overall, I liked all the products we received. Healthy, good quality and yummy as well. If you are a Coconut lover, then you need to give Cocofina a try. You can check out their website for the full range of products.

So, what do you think of this brand? Have you tried any of Cocofina's products? Would you give them a try?

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  1. In India we luckily have access to fresh coconut water bt this one sounds good too.. :)

    1. True.. Nothing like a fresh coconut. But these are good too :)

  2. I received these too...that flower nectar is divine isn't it?! :)

    1. Yes, it is. The nectar was my favourite of the lot.