Spoil Yourself and Your Guests with these Yummy Treats from Jules Destrooper

Jules Destrooper is a Belgian food company well known for its range of delicious biscuits. I recently was sent a selection of their yummy range and I am here today with my views on the same.

Butter Thins: The butter thins are golden coloured crisp butter waffles. They are crunchy and taste phenomenal. If you look at the ingredients list, you will know that these are going to taste delicious - buttery. And they do. They are crunchy but melt in the mouth. Lovely with a cup of coffee and excellent as a topping for an ice-cream sundae as well.

Almond Thins: Very light yet rich; these almond sliver embedded thins are flavour packed. They are hard to stop eating. I opened the pack and within minutes the whole box was done with.

Almond Florentines: Florentines half dipped in milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate. Though not very nutty, these crispy caramel biscuits with almonds have a chewy texture. I loved the flavour and texture of these the most.

Crocante: Crispy caramel biscuits filled with Hazel nut chips, puffed rice and Belgian chocolate - that's how these are described. Great taste and texture, these are the perfect size for an afternoon tea.

Jules' Chocolate Delight: This one is an assortment of delicious Destrooper Chocolate Biscuits, Chocolate Thins and Crocante. Perfect if you are in a mood to enjoy variety.

Overall, all these biscuits are delicious with tea, coffee or as a tasty treat just in between. The Jules biscuits are made with the finest ingredients and are the perfect cookies for grown ups; although kids will enjoy them as well. We loved all the 5 varieties that we tried out and I can see myself picking up these on my grocery shops; though they can be purchased online as well. If you have not tried Jules Destrooper, go ahead and try them. You will love it.

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