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The ICTC C’est Ça! Le Tour Kitchen Textile Collection

The Tour de France , one of the world's largest annual sporting event, is taking place in UK this year in July 2014. There is lot of ex...

The Tour de France, one of the world's largest annual sporting event, is taking place in UK this year in July 2014. There is lot of excitement and local business are hoping for a good time with the influx of tourists who are sure to come in large numbers to watch the event. Lots of Tour de France themed resident and business events are being held to promote the event. You might also have noticed Tour de France souvenirs already hitting the market shelves. ICTC(The Intercontinental Cooking and Tableware Company) who have been supplying retail and catering industries with quality kitchen products for over 40 years have also come up with a stunning new C’est Ça! Le Tour kitchen textile collection.

Image courtesy: ICTC
Panel Apron £22.95, Double Oven Glove £16.95, Tea Cosy £10.95
Gauntlet(1) £14.95, Standard apron £19.95

The C’est Ça! blends are designed and manufactured in Norfolk from the highest quality materials. The Le Tour collection combines the best of British with French finesse and each item is a beautiful statement piece on its own. The new collection includes tea towels, a choice of aprons, tea cosy, double oven glove and gauntlet - all featuring artistic retro illustrations of black vintage bicycles. I was sent the Panel Apron from this range to try out and I was super happy when my parcel arrived.

The apron is made of 100% cotton and comes in a 'vintage-y' colour combination. I absolutely love the retro illustrations of different kinds of bicycles that make up the print. The apron is the perfect size. Being petite I always find it difficult to get the perfect length whether it is clothes or aprons. But this one fits me perfectly and is well shaped - different from the standard aprons - and gives good protection. I love the panelled design with the black piping. The neck straps and back ties are made from the same fabric as the rest of the apron and not from tape giving it a lovely professional finish. The back ties are the perfect length - neither too long nor too short. Most aprons come with too generous ties and on my petite frame they end up touching the floor. This apron feels like it was made for me :) Not only has the apron been keeping the spills and spatters off my dresses but every time I put it on, it makes me happy - it is fun, has a 'vintage-y' charm and makes me feel glamorous like some professional working away in the kitchen. I love it.

Overall a stunning, chic apron made with top quality fabric that is both functional and beautiful. The only one thing I would do to improve it is add a front pocket :)


  1. This is lovely! I love retro and useful combinations.

    Drifting Traveller

  2. these ar actually quite nice , i would buy them x

  3. The aprons look really nice.. Thanks for sharing.. Happy Friday xo

  4. These are lovely! I can't wait for the Tour de France - I love cycling =)

    Corinne x

  5. Very cute!! The apron has a lovely shape to it aswell!

    Sarah @