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Rococo Chocolates - Organic Artisan Bars

Chocolate lovers, I am here today with another chocolate review. A brand that I only discovered recently - Rococo Chocolates . Rococo was s...

Chocolate lovers, I am here today with another chocolate review. A brand that I only discovered recently - Rococo Chocolates. Rococo was started by Chantal Coady who wanted to share her love for chocolate with others. Since 1983 Rococo have been making delicious chocolates while supporting ethical trade for cocoa farmers. Rococo have a small cocoa farm in Northern Grenada called 'Grococo' and they have been using their own Grococo beans in all of their organic products. I was sent two variants to try out - Sea Salt Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar and the Crystallised Ginger Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar.

Let me start off by saying how much I liked the packaging. Both the chocolate bars were beautifully packed in Artisan wrappers. The wrapper designs have been inspired by the tiled Marococo garden in Rococo's Motcomb St store. With so much thought gone into the packaging, I was quite curious as to how the chocolates would taste.

The chocolates were smooth and delicious - the Sea Salt one with just the right amount of salt giving a lovely sweet+salt taste that instantly reminded me of Isle of Wight. When we had been to Isle of Wight it was quite windy and yet both me and Mr.H used to go for long walks on the beach and you could sort of taste the salt in the air :-) This Sea Salt chocolate transported me back to that time. The bar contains 37% milk chocolate and the addition of salt only intensifies the sweet creamy taste. It was so pleasant to eat that I could not stop at one bite. The whole bar was gone in a few minutes - good thing I took the pictures before I began the tasting :-) If you enjoy salty-sweetness then this bar is the one for you.

Made with 65% dark chocolate, the Crystallised Ginger bar actually contains tiny pieces of crystallised organic ginger in addition to a warming ginger essential oil. I have tried out other Ginger chocolates earlier but those included ground/pureed ginger. Rococo have taken it a notch higher with the addition of crystallised ginger - it adds so much to the texture of the chocolate. The dark chocolate flavour is retained and you also get the warmth from the ginger pieces with each bite.

Both these bars are priced at £4.50 for 70g. Rococo have an impressive range of chocolate bars and other confectionery.  They also conduct a variety of chocolate workshops, classes and tastings for adults and children from beginner to expert levels. You can find out more about Rococo Chocolates on their website -


  1. The wrappers, just ohhh meee gawd. They look amazing, very expensive, but what a lovely retro looking gift.

  2. These look beautiful as you say from wrap to the actual bar. I would not be able to have them in my hand for too long before munching away. Wonder what the sea salt one is like.

  3. Great review, I too recently tried and adored some Rococo chocolate!

  4. Oh my God! I wish I could eat them through the laptop!
    Lets follow each other :)