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The Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Range - Have You Tried It?

Blood Orange and White Pepper - honestly this is not a name I would associate with a skincare product. It sounded more like something that...

Blood Orange and White Pepper - honestly this is not a name I would associate with a skincare product. It sounded more like something that would be associated with gourmet food. While I do like spicy notes, I certainly do not want to end up smelling like pepper. But having enjoyed using other products from Bliss, I decided to give two products from the Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper range a try - the Body Butter and the Soapy Suds Body Wash. And I am glad I did.

The packaging of the products is similar to other Bliss products - a simple and bright design featuring the brand's bold font. The first thing I did when I got hold of the products was to give it a fragrance test. And the fragrance turned out to be my favourite aspect of this range. Just goes to prove that we should approach everything with an open mind :) The Soapy Suds Body Wash smells absolutely fresh and uplifting. It was like smelling a whole lot of freshly peeled citrus fruits - blood oranges to be more precise. It was sweet and slightly tart like the characteristic blood orange taste. I had not expected such an amazing fragrance and was honestly and pleasantly surprised. It had just a little hint of pepper giving that spicy touch. The Body Butter has a milder fragrance compared to the body wash in my opinion, but when used together these 2 products work very well. Here I must mention that the texture of the body butter is amazing. It is thick like you would expect from a body butter but it absorbs very well and there is zero greasiness. The body butter contains Coconut Oil, Arnica Montana flower extract, Heather flower extract and Algae extract among other things to keep the skin moisturised and supple. The long lasting hydration can also be attributed to the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate. I liked the Body Butter; perfect for the parched and dry areas of the body.

Overall, I absolutely love both these products even though I started off with a sceptical mindset. The fragrance is an unusual blend and trust me it smells amazing. The fresh citrusy fragrance with subtle hints of spicy pepper is lovely. Having tried a few Bliss products now, I can safely say that I am falling in love with Bliss products. They may be a bit high priced but you get quality stuff. If you are new to Bliss, then these sample sized products that I tried are the best way to get an introduction into their product range.

Why I have started liking the Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper range
- I love the citrusy fragrance.
- The products give the feel of a spa trip. Obviously my tiny bath is no match for a professional spa setting but the quality of the products and the fragrance kind of transports me to a spa. I guess you can understand what I am trying to express :)
- Skin feels clean and hydrated when I use both the products in conjunction.
- The body wash also doubles up as bath bubbles. I love products that have multiple uses and so another thumbs up for the product.
- The products are paraben free.

Are you a Bliss fan like me? Have you tried any products from their Blood Orange + White Pepper range?

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  1. I haven't seen Bliss products for years, I hadn't even realised they were still around, the wife used to love one of their balms.

  2. Sounds brilliant! But if I had come across this product in a store, I would have been wary of the pepper. I had no idea pepper and skin could go so well together without stinging!

  3. this product is very tempting.. thanks fr sharing dear :)