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Judge Digital Spoon Scale and Thermometer

Gifted | Contains affiliate links I love multi-functional tools. Not only do they allow us to perform different tasks but they are al...

Gifted | Contains affiliate links

I love multi-functional tools. Not only do they allow us to perform different tasks but they are also excellent when kitchen storage space is limited. Multi-functional kitchen tools also work out more affordable than buying each tool separately. One such tool that I have been using of late in my kitchen is the 3 in 1 Digital Spoon Scale & Thermometer from Judge Cookware.

As is obvious from its name the Judge TC323 is a multi-tasking tool - it is combination of a Digital Scale and Thermometer. The tool comes with a main appliance body to which you can attach one of the following attachments:
- weighing spoon attachment
- pen thermometer attachment or
- cooking thermometer attachment.

When the weighing spoon attachment is used, the tool functions as a handheld scale. Turn on the tool and place the item to be measured in the spoon attachment. The LCD display shows the weight reading. You can choose from different units for measurement - grams, ounces or millilitres. You can also add weigh tare function. One of the features that I liked in this scale was the 'Hold' function which allows you to hold the current weight reading with the press of a button. You can resume the measurement by the pressing the button again. Another well thought of feature is the design of the weighing spoon. It is narrow enough to fit in most spice/seasoning jars. The spoon attachment has been the most used in my kitchen.

There are 2 thermometer attachments. The pen thermometer attachment is attached the same way as the spoon attachment. The cooking thermometer attachment is attached in the probe socket on the handle. One thing to keep in mind is that you should only attach one thermometer probe at a time. And if you attach the cooking thermometer the same time as the spoon attachment then the tool by default will function as a thermometer. The pen thermometer is quite simple to use and readings are displayed at the touch of a button. The cooking thermometer helps you measure temperature of food while it is cooking. The probe can be placed into the food being cooked and the main body of the tool can be secured with the provided hanging hook. The cable that connects the probe and the main body is heat protected so you need not worry about it getting damaged. You can either set your own target temperature or you can use one of the pre-set target temperatures which comes with the tool. There is also an alarm feature which lets you know when the target temperature has been reached. This tool comes in real handy while baking. Takes away the stress of checking the oven every few minutes to see whether it is baked or not.

The Judge Digital Spoon Scale and Thermometer is a very handy and clever tool and makes cooking easier. It measures solids as well as liquids and also helps to set and keep a check on cooking temperatures. The backlit dual-colour LCD display is easy to read and there are full operating and cleaning instructions provided along with the product.

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  1. Such an awesome product.. i havent seen anything like this before.. :)