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The Deep Heat Range - Effective and Fast Relief from Pain

PR sample For everyday aches and pains I prefer using a topical treatment rather than taking a pain killer. It may sound weird to ma...

PR sample

For everyday aches and pains I prefer using a topical treatment rather than taking a pain killer. It may sound weird to many but almost 20 out of 30 days a month, I have some kind of body pain or the other. And that is one other reason why I prefer topical applications for if I were to take a pain killer on a daily basis, the side effects would cause more harm on a long term basis. A while back I received the Deep Heat range to try out. Myself and my mom put it to test.

The Deep Heat Range consists of:
- Deep Heat Patches (Regular and Extra Large)
- Deep Heat Heat Rub
- Deep Heat Heat Spray and
- Deep Heat MAX Strength

Both mom and I suffer from regular backache and Sciatic pain. I find that a hot topical treatment is more effective in treating these kind of pains than a painkiller. One of the reasons could be that the topical application directly delivers the treatment to the area which needs it. Only when the pain is very severe, do I opt for oral analgesics. Otherwise I always reach out to Deep Heat. Deep Heat Heat Rub has always proved useful and offers good relief. Just massage it on gently and the pain and discomfort soon subsides. The Deep Heat MAX Strength has a slightly stronger formulation and generates a deep soothing warmth. If the pain is stronger then is this what my mom uses. It helps in relieving backache and sciatic pain. The texture is light and non-greasy and gets absorbed effortlessly. Both the tubes are small sized and can easily fit in your travel/gym bag. What I like the most is the warming sensation the rubs provide and the strong menthol smell :)

The Deep Heat Heat Spray is best for muscle pain and arthritic conditions. Just spray it directly onto the affected area. There is no need to massage it in like the rubs. The spray is suitable for use on hard to reach places or to use while on the go. The spray needs to be used sparingly and eases muscle pain effectively.

The Deep Heat Patches come in two sizes: Regular and Extra Large. These patches are perfect when you want concealed and odourless treatment for pain. Very handy when you have backache or some other pain and have to go out for a meeting or are travelling. The patches are air activated and once you remove them from their individual packaging they are ready for use. Within a few minutes the patch will start to heat up and then releases heat in a controlled manner. The heat lasts for a good few hours and offers soothing relief from pain. Mom loves these patches and so do I.

Overall, all the products in the Deep Heat range are excellent to treat everyday aches and pains. If you take oral analgesics to treat pain, I suggest that you give the Deep Heat range a try instead. Deep Heat products can be picked up from Boots, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Wilkinson, Waitrose, Savers, ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons and all leading pharmacies across the UK.

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