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Valentines Gifts In Unusual Places

In the last week of January an email arrived in my inbox with a challenge from SportsDirect to find five products from their website that ...

In the last week of January an email arrived in my inbox with a challenge from SportsDirect to find five products from their website that I would deem as acceptable gifts to give to my partner as a Valentines Day present. Honestly I would not have thought of as a source for V-day gifts. But as they say - 'Seek and you will find'. I was amazed at the choice of products on and after spending quite some time, spoilt for choice, I finally found my five items.

Here is my list of five items that I would pick for Mr. H from SportsDirect.

DC Comics Hoody (£10.00) - Mr.H loves his hoodies. This is one item that he can not have enough of. When he is at home, you are most likely to find him in a hoodie and he has a nice collection. I am sure this DC Comics hoodie with soft fleece lining will be a very welcome gift; something that he will put to good use.

Skull Candy Smokin Buds Earphones With Mic (£15.00) - Mr.H loves music. With a passion. He always has his music on whatever he is doing. He is never without his music player and I am sure these trendy and high quality earphones from Skullcandy will be a very well received gift. These earphones also come with an in-line microphone which allows for hands free calls; so that's an added bonus.

Requisite Leather Riding Gloves (£14.99) - Since 2013 Mr.H has been into horse riding. It is a hobby that he immensely enjoys. While he has the entire horse riding gear and accessories at his disposal, I feel that these leather riding gloves will make a wonderful gift for him. A good pair of gloves are essential not only to get a good grip but also to prevent rope burn if the horse pulls away. And these gloves from Sports Direct with thinsulate lining not only look functional, but will also keep his hands warm.

Lee Cooper Canvas Hi Top Trainers (£12.99) - These high top ankle trainers from Lee Cooper are simple yet stylish and are sure to keep the feet warm.

Pierre Cardin Woven Pyjama Set (£7.99) - This Pyjama Set includes a pair of checked pyjama bottoms and a short sleeve top. Looks very comfortable and perfect to lounge around at home. These could replace Mr.H's current pyjama sets which I feel are nearing the end of their life. And this colour would look wonderful on him ;-)

So, there it is. My selection of five useful gifts from Sports Direct. What would you pick for your partner?

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*This is my entry into the SportsDirect Valentine's Competition. All images are from the SportsDirect website.

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