The Vitamin E, Wheatgerm & Carotene Cream from Amphora Aromatics

Looking for a night cream with anti-oxidants? Look no further, for here is the Vitamin E, Wheatgerm & Carotene Cream from Amphora Aromatics. Having used products from Amphora earlier(Borage Oil Cream and the Fig & Grape Candle), I know that the product range is good and well priced for the quality it offers. This night cream that I am talking about today has a high Vitamin E content making it the perfect night cream for those with dry and mature skin.

Made with essential oils and herbal extracts, the Vitamin E & Wheatgerm Cream is richly moisturising night and boasts of anti-oxidant properties. The cream contains extract of honey which gives the cream a mild, sweet herbal aroma while also increasing its moisturising properties. Henna extract in the cream imparts antifungal/antibacterial properties while Aloe extracts make it a soothing cream. The cream is free from parabens and has a light consistency making it easily absorbable. Doesn't leave any stickiness/greasiness on application and the moisturising effects are noticeable immediately. If you have dry skin, then give this cream a go.

Key ingredients:  Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Lawsonia inermis extract, Mel (Honey extract), Triticum vulgare germ oil

Price: 60ml/£4.80

You can check out the entire range of products from Amphora Aromatics here:

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