Fig & Grape Pot Candle from Amphora Aromatics

I must confess I am indiscriminately attracted to home fragrances. I always love to have my home smelling lovely. If the product smells good, spreads a gorgeous fragrance around and makes me happy, it has worked!! Most of you might feel that way. In my never ending journey of trying out home fragrances I came across an impressive candle range on Amphora Aromatics.

I recently discovered Amphora Aromatics and had reviewed the Borage Oil Cream from their skincare range some time back. At that time I had mentioned then that I had received some other goodies from them. One of them was a candle - the Fig & Grape 40hr Pot Candle.

Priced at £6.24, the 40 hour candle has a sweet and flowery fragrance. It comes in a lovely recycled glass container and is made from 100% natural & sustainable plant wax. The packaging is simple and non-fussy but the main factor i.e. the fragrance is gorgeous. It smells so fresh and sweet. I always feel like I have been transported to a lovely blooming meadow when the candle is lit. This one is a very lively and invigorating aroma that never fails to impress those around. Try it if you like fresh and vibrant fragrances.

Made from 100% plant wax; the candles from Amphora Aromatics contain no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products.

If Fig and Grape is not something you fancy, you could try the other variants available: Basil, Bay and Lime, Citrus Tonic, Champagne and Pink Grapefruit, Oats and Honey or Limeleaf and Ginger. You can check out the entire product range here:

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  1. I love candles a lot..This one seems to be a good one. ..
    Nice review dee :):)


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