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Clayspray: Brightening White Clay with Ginseng Masque

I love to pamper my skin and face masks are one of my favourite ways to do so. When I came across Clayspray on blogosphere, I was quite in...

I love to pamper my skin and face masks are one of my favourite ways to do so. When I came across Clayspray on blogosphere, I was quite interested to try it out because Clayspray is the worlds first clay mask that comes in a metal canister.

Clayspray have a range of products based on emulsified and enriched clays that are made with natural mineral water. The mask comes ready to use in trendy little cans making the application of the mask fuss-free. Clayspray have 7 different types of facial clay treatments and a couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be sent the Brightening White Clay with Ginseng Masque to try out.

The Brightening White Clay Masque is suited for dull and mature skin. Made with a pure blend of white clay, ginseng and natural spring water, the clay mask helps to remove dead skin cells thereby giving a smooth and refreshed appearance to the skin. The mask is hypoallergenic and worked well for my sensitive combination skin.

It takes a little time to get used to the pump dispenser. You need to press and release the pump gently yet quickly because the mask comes out very fast. If you press and hold the pump for long, you will end up with a lot of product on hand. Though the name of the product is Clayspray it actually doesn't come out like a spray. The masks texture and dispensation is more like a mousse. Application is easy. You need to moisten  your skin with natural mineral water. I used my Maya Water Facial Mist to moisten my skin. Then massage a small dollop of the clay mask over my face avoiding the eye areas. Let it stay on for around 10 minutes by which time it dries up firm and tight. I then rinsed it off with warm water. My skin felt cleansed and tightened. The skin was also smoother and a little brighter, I felt. The mineral rich clay mask also includes silica which is said to boost collagen levels. Overall, I am pleased with Clayspray - it is easy to use and skin feels super soft and fresh after use.

Clay(argilla), water, asian ginseng(panax ginseng) root extract, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium polyacrylate

Price: 125ml/£44.50

What I liked?
- Free from parabens, preservatives and fragrances.
- Cleanses and tightens the skin well.
- Like the packaging.
- Imparts a healthy and fresh look to lacklustre complexion.
- Hypoallergenic.

The entire range is available to buy online on the Clayspray website

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