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The Rituals Brightening Face Exfoliator

Rituals is a brand I have fallen in love with. All their products that I have tried so far have worked well for me. Their home fragrance r...

Rituals is a brand I have fallen in love with. All their products that I have tried so far have worked well for me. Their home fragrance range is also awesome. Today, however I am here with a skincare product - the Rituals Brightening Face Exfoliator.

The packaging like all other Rituals products is simple and classy. The exfoliator comes in a 75ml tube and contains Lotus flower and Moringa extracts. The fragrance of the product is lovely - it is fresh and mild and doesn't feel synthetic. The exfoliator can be used both on dry and wet skin. I have only used it on damp skin though. The scrub particles are very small and gentle. But that does not take away from their efficiency. They do a good job at exfoliating. If you have been following my blog, you would have read my review of the Jason Apricot Scrubble some time back. Compared to that one, the Rituals exfoliator is very mild and would suit frequent use. The Jason one has more pronounced scrubbing particles and is a heavy duty scrub. I use that only once a week, while this one from Rituals finds more regular usage.


Overall, I am very happy with this facial exfoliator from Rituals. It has worked nicely on my combination skin and always leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth after use.

Have you used Rituals products? Which one is your favourite?

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PR sample - I received this product as a part of the Rituals Reviewers panel.
Views expressed are my honest opinion though.


  1. I'm always looking for a new exfoliator for my skin so this review was a great help. Lovely blog x

    The Curved Opinion

  2. I love rituals they seem to for me have a perfect action vs scent going on.

  3. Thanks Vicky. Glad it was useful to you.

    Sarah, yes the combo of the fragrance and action is perfect.

  4. I love the idea of a more gentle exfoliator than you can use every day. The brightening aspect also appeals to me. I have just purchased a brightenin toner, and am waiting for the glow to start. This looks like a winner to me :-)
    Love Vicky

  5. This sounds lovely! I really like the sound of this. Sometimes i find scents overpowering, so this seems like a good choice!

  6. Yes, it has a mild pleasant fragrance. Not over bearing at all.

  7. Never heard or tried these products...but looks good!