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Frusions: Organic Fruit & Vegetable Juice Drinks from Rocks Drinks

We have bid good bye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The partying and drinking over the past few weeks has take...

We have bid good bye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The partying and drinking over the past few weeks has taken a toll on my body and it is time to make some healthy changes to what I eat/drink. I think I have put on a few pounds and January is the perfect time to make a fresh start; and helping me in my endeavour is Frusion. Frusions are a range of organic fruit and vegetable drinks from the brand Rocks Drinks.

Rocks Drinks, based in rural Devon, have been making a range of squashes and cordials for over 30 years. Their product range includes: Fruit Juice Concentrates, Organic Cordials, Organic Squashes, Traditional Squashes and Frusions. Since the beginning of the new year I have been enjoying Frusions which comes in four delicious flavours – Blackcurrant & Beetroot, Tomato & Cherry, Carrot & Orange and Apple & Ginger. Interesting combinations, aren't they?

Let me tell you about the different flavours:
Beetroot & Blackcurrant - This one is a perfect blend of sweet(Beetroot) and tart(Blackcurrant) flavours. Not only is this a delicious drink but add to it the fact that beetroot helps to detoxify the liver and blackcurrants are a store of Vitamin C and you have one healthy and tasty drink on hand.

Tomato & Cherry - Gloriously ripe tomatoes are blended with cherries in this variant of Frusions. While tomatoes have been known to help reduce liver inflammation, cherry juice has been used to fight gout which can be caused by a high alcohol consumption and a protein rich diet. This makes it a perfect drink to counterbalance the festive feasts from the past month.

Carrot & Orange - An exciting blend of sweet oranges and zesty carrots, this drink is rich in Vitamin A, C and is also a good detoxifier.

Apple & Ginger - Fresh ginger combines with crisp juicy apples. Ginger has been used since ages to help aid in digestion and fight inflammation. Apples with their Malic and Tartaric acid content are also good for the digestive system and for removing toxins from the body. Perfect to re-boot your body after the party season.

What I liked about Frusions:
- They are free from added sugar.
- Do not contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.
- Ready to drink.
- Each 245ml serving of Frusions drink counts as one of your five-a-day.
- Wide range of health benefits that these drinks have.

My favourite was undoubtedly Carrot & Orange. The combination of the fruit and vegetable is perfect and the drink tastes wonderful. I had a feeling that Orange might dominate the taste; however I was pleasantly surprised by the unique taste. I also loved the bright orange colour :-) This was the flavour that I could not stop drinking. Mr.H enjoyed the Beetroot and Blackcurrant flavour mainly because of the tartness that Blackcurrant imparts. I loved this one too. Tomato and Cherry came in third and this one I feel had the fruitiest taste of all the variants. Ginger and Apple comes in last because I felt that the taste of Ginger was slightly dominating; a wee bit too 'gingery' for me. But, overall we found Frusions to be a very healthy and lovely range of drinks; something that we will be having more of this year.

Frusions come in 735ml bottles that can fit easily in the refrigerator. While the drinks taste good at room temperature as well, I prefer them chilled. You can pick up Frusions online, nationwide from Ocado and many other  independent health food stores.

What do you think of these drinks? Will you be trying them out?

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  1. These look really delicious. Interesting that you liked the carrot and orange one best - it's one of my favourite soup flavours!

  2. Mmmm...really loving the non-alcoholic drinks you have been showcasing of late. I used to drink V8 and tomato juice, so the carrot and orange sounds lovely (I like the taste of orange just not the smell - I'm a little odd lol). The apple and ginger sounds like it would be my fave. Great bottles as well, like you could put them on a table with wine for those that are not drinking and/or driving, and it wouldn't look out of place.
    Love Vicky

  3. They look really interesting and sound rather tasty!

    I like the bottles as well, the design is thoughtful and interesting.

  4. Thanks Sarah. Carrot and Orange soup - interesting. Will look up the recipe.

  5. Trying to get back to healthy habits after December, Vicky. The 'Frusions' are delicious and nutritious as well.