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Keep Infections at Bay This Winter

Winter, with its low temperatures, cold winds and lack of sunlight, is one season that I do not enjoy much. Though there are some festiviti...

Winter, with its low temperatures, cold winds and lack of sunlight, is one season that I do not enjoy much. Though there are some festivities that bring cheer, most of the season is about cold extremities, cold and flu and a general feeling of gloom and dullness.

The most nagging problem is catching infections as many suffer from cold and flu during winters. So, it becomes imperative that we take good care of ourselves and maintain the hygiene levels. While out in the public, always carry an antibacterial gel and a pack of tissues. Keep yourself covered and wear the right clothes. And to help you keep infections at bay, Hubner has launched a new product called ImmunPRO Infection Blocker.

The active ingredient in ImmunPRO Infection Blocker, Cistus villosus, has been shown to create a physical barrier in the mouth and throat against viruses. The way the tablets work is simple and unique. Cistus villosus which is naturally rich in tannins (polyphenols), due to their large molecular structure are not reabsorbed. Instead they form a protective film that stops viruses from penetrating the mucous membrane of the mouth and prevents a virus from docking with host cells. This provides natural protection when chances of a viral infection are more.

I prefer not to take antibiotics because of the harm they can do in the long run. So, if there is any alternative way to tackle health issues, I am all for it. And that is the reason I tried these out. These tablets are to be taken when the first symptoms start to show. The tablets then create the protective film and ward off the infection before you get sick. I feel these are perfect for when I am travelling on public transport or am in crowded places like the cinema or shopping malls. The taste is not bad either, it tastes more or less like a herbal antacid; if that makes any sense :)

Each tablet contains 73.5 mg Cistus Villosus extract with 50mg polyphenols. During times of increased risk of infection or when the first signs of infection are apparent, suck 1 tablet up to 6 times per day.

ImmunPRO is available from Holland & Barrett, many independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide. They are priced at £15.95 for 30 tabs and can be picked up at as well.

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