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Fermented milk drinks from Bio-tiful Dairy

Fermented milk products have been around for a very long time. 'Lassi' from India is very popular and so is 'Kefir' which...

Fermented milk products have been around for a very long time. 'Lassi' from India is very popular and so is 'Kefir' which is widely consumed in Poland, Slovakia, Eastern Europe and Russia. Kefir is a fermented drink that is made with Kefir grains and any sugary liquid such as milk or fruit juices. The fermentation process has two benefits: it increases the shelf-life of the end product and also makes it easier to digest milk. Bio-tiful Dairy Ltd was setup in UK to produce three delicious organic fermented milk drinks – Kefir, Riazhenka and Prostokvasha.

While all the three fall under the category of fermented milk drinks, the difference lies in the cultures used and the pre-fermentation treatment of milk which gives a distinct taste, texture and aroma to each drink.

Kefir is very refreshing and is perfect as breakfast or as a snack. Riazhenka  has a distinct, naturally sweeter taste than the other 2 drinks and is apt for a boost during the day or first thing in the morning. Prostokvasha is the gentlest of the three drinks and excellent for vitality.

These fermented milk drinks come with lot of health benefits. The drinks contain Vitamin B2 and B12, minerals like Calcium and Phosporus and billions of live microorganisms (including Bifidobacterium). Some main health benefits are:
- improving the normal function of digestive enzymes,
- helping the immune system,
- helping in the maintenance of bones and teeth,
- reducing tiredness and/or fatigue.

My experience:
These drinks are somewhat similar to the sour yogurt drinks we have at our home. Kefir has a light texture and though not very acidic has a slight sour taste. I love it. Riazhenka was a little more sweeter and creamier in texture while Prostokvasha has a delicate and refreshing taste. All three are good on the taste front though I found them to be a little thicker than I had expected. They felt more like a smoothie than a drink. Though I had all the three drinks as is, these could be used to make fruit smoothies as well. Or you could use them in your morning breakfast along with granola and fruits.

These fermented dairy drinks from Bio-tiful not only help with maintaining a healthy digestion, they also help the body in absorbing vital vitamins and minerals. Give this range a go if you are looking for healthy and nutritious drinks. You can check out the list of stockists here. Bio-tiful drinks can also be picked up from Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges Foodhall and Harrods among others.

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  1. Wow these look really good - the Kefir sounds interesting, just wish I drank dairy, alas not - wonder if they do a soya version?
    Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  2. Lovely blog post, it's informative yet truthful and not too 'sugary sweet' which reviews sometimes are :)

    Kheira, xo

  3. I don't think they have a soy version, Laura. You could get in touch with them with the idea.

    Thanks for the kind words Kheira.

  4. These sound a little like drinking yoghurts.Interesting never heard of this brand.

  5. Interesting idea - I have to admit at first I thought it would be just like sour milk. I'm not sure I would like it personally but I would give it a try :) x

  6. Sarah, if you have tasted buttermilk, this is somewhat like a slightly thicker version of it. Not very sour nor very sweet. Kefir was my favourite of the three in terms of taste.

  7. LAURA: We haven't got a soya version (something for future plans!) but if you are slightly lactose intolerant, then Kefir is a great product to drink!

    NAYNA: We are a fairly new but very fast growing brand. Whilst these drinks are very popular in the Middle East, Russia and America, we're hoping to start the 'Kefir revolution' in the UK!