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Kats Kalma - A Natural Range of Face and Body Products

Are you looking for natural handmade bath and body treats? Look no further, for I introduce you to Kats Kalma . Founded in 2010 by the love...

Are you looking for natural handmade bath and body treats? Look no further, for I introduce you to Kats Kalma. Founded in 2010 by the lovely Kat, the brand makes soaps, bath milks, bath salts, body scrubs and bath melts among many other things. I have been using a few lovely products that Kat very kindly sent across. All the products reflect simplicity and a closeness to nature whether it is in terms of the packaging or the actual product itself. Before I head on to my review, here is quick chat with the lovely Kat.

DB: What motivated you to start your own skincare range?
Kat: I have been into healing with herbs for as long as I remember which later turned into an interest in aromatherapy. Also as the “lucky” owner of very sensitive skin, most shop and pharmacy bought brands caused eczema, acne and other misery. So about 15 years ago I started experimenting with my own blends and few years ago thanks to my very eager friends 'Kats Kalma' was born!
DB: How does Kats Kalma differ from other brands?
Kat: I try to use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever I can to make sure what I do costs the earth as little as possible. And for example I don’t use any Palm oil in my soaps due to extensive deforestation. Where possible, I buy Fair Trade ingredients and I have my own circle of happy “human guinea pigs” on whom I test every single product to make sure the claims I make about the product are as legit as possible.

DB: Which Kats Kalma product could you not live without?
Kat: Difficult to choose! I do love Restorative Hair Oil, it tames the fly-away hair halo around my head and helps to prevent split ends and Green Tea & May Chang soap is my absolute favourite!

DB: What are the top three synthetic ingredients that you would suggest readers to avoid?
Kat: It is very dependent on the individuals skin type as some lucky ones can go through life without ever having any problems and then there’s people like me who get a rash basically by seeing petroleum jelly hundred meters away.
On a serious note though, I wouldn’t recommend using Petroleum oil, it doesn’t offer anything to the skin and just creates an unbeatable layer on the skin. Products with this, like petroleum jelly for example, usually cause a kind of “addiction” where the skin feels very uncomfortable without it.
Secondly - parabens, but I think most people are aware of this by now. These cause sensitivity and are also known to disrupt hormone function amongst other issues. And SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) which is a known skin irritant and is widely found in everyday products like shampoos, toothpastes, hand washes etc. So if anyone has a random rash they can’t pinpoint the reason for, do check your bathroom and kitchen first!

So, there you go my blog readers, that was Kat - the brainchild behind Kats Kalma. Let me now move onto the products that I tried. First up was the Invigorating Sole Balm(£7.00, 60ml) - Made will all natural ingredients, this highly emollient and moisturising balm is perfect for those who suffer from dry or cracked feet. The balm contains Macadamia nut oil, Wheatgerm oil and Castor oil along with Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils. This gives you good moisturisation with the added benefit of antibacterial and antimicrobial action as well.

The second product is the Cedarwood & Patchouli Soap(£4.00, 100gms). I love woody scents and this one is a wonderful earthy soap with the perfect woody fragrance. Its an awesome soap that even Mr. H loved. I also received some bath truffles that not only look and smell delicious, but are also very soothing and uplifting.

To sum it up, Kats Kalma is a wonderful 'natural' range of face and body products. I loved the packaging of their products. Just like Kat mentioned in the Q&A above, they use recycled and recyclable packaging. The products contain all natural goodness and have subtle fragrances. And since they do not contain any chemical nasties, it will work well even for sensitive skin types. You can check out the entire Kats Kalma range here.


  1. Ooh love the look of the bath truffles, what a lovely name for them, especially if you laze in a bath eating truffles. Pure pampering.

  2. These look lovely. I love anything that you use in the bath anyway but I will most definitely be looking into making a crafty purchase here ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I adore the packaging, very natural and organic, just like the products! Great post!

  4. Oh Dee - what a treat! You know how much I love natural skin and body products, and this line has be so excited! The mini interview is so telling, and I adore the ethos of the product line. The soap really catches my eye as I adore the smell of patchouli. Great prices too - not out of reach. I believe I may have to indulge ;-)
    Love Vicky

  5. i shared this earlier when i seen it they look amazing x