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English Honey and Peach Blossom: New collection from Crabtree & Evelyn

January 16th sees the launch of a new intensive skin care collection from Crabtree & Evelyn - The English Honey and Peach Blossom Ran...

January 16th sees the launch of a new intensive skin care collection from Crabtree & Evelyn - The English Honey and Peach Blossom Range. Honey has been used in skincare products for ages due to its ability to absorb and retain moisture. It also has anti-microbial properties, is a natural anti-oxidant and can also fight infections and acne. Honey has a wide range of uses in skincare but the most important property is undoubtedly it being a humectant. It is no wonder that honey is considered one of the greatest gifts of nature. Crabtree & Evelyn have combined Honey’s warm, rich scent and beautifying properties with Peach blossom’s velvet tones to bring out this new luxurious range of skincare products that will leave you skin soft and supple.

Aimed at restoring and conditioning the skin, the new range includes:
- Hand Therapy (25g / 100g Price: £5.00/£15.00) An intensive conditioning cream with Shea butter, peach blossom extract and macadamia nut oil.
- Body Butter (250g Price: £22.00) Rich body butter with peach blossom extract, honey, Shea butter and moringa oil.
- Body Wash (250ml Price: £15.00) An intense moisturising body wash with peach blossom extract, honey and glycerine.
- Body Lotion (250ml Price: £16.00) A lightweight body lotion with peach blossom extract, Shea butter and honey.
- All Purpose Balm (15g Price: £9.00) A rich moisturising balm with Shea butter, honey, beeswax and peach blossom extract.
- Lip Salve (4.2g Price: £4.00) A soothing and conditioning salve with contains beeswax, honey extract, olive fruit oil, sunflower seed oil and Shea butter.

I was lucky to try out the Hand Therapy cream before it hits the stores the day after tomorrow. This deliciously fragrant hand cream is light, rubs in quickly and gets absorbed easily. It does not leave any greasiness behind just like all the other C&E hand creams. Because of the presence of Shea butter and Honey, it attracts and retains moisture keeping the hands hydrated for a long time. I love the fragrance. It has a fruity, fleshy, sweet almost nectarous note. And it is pronounced enough to leave my hands smelling wonderful. I just cannot resist smelling my hands every few minutes after applying this cream.

The hand cream ticks all the right boxes: lovely packaging, pleasant scent, good performance keeping the hands moisturised for hours. This one is a winner - a sweet luscious delight for the hands.

The new English Honey & Peach Blossom collection from Crabtree & Evelyn launches on January 16th! Head to the store or check out the range online.

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  1. I love crabtree and evelyn products they smell divine and such good quality.

  2. I adore Crabtree & Evelyn and these look lovely. I was obsessed by the Swiss Goat milk range for a while, but have moved onto the florals.

  3. This sounds delicious!! I love Crabtree & Evelyn, would love to try this. Great review.

    Helen X

  4. Nayna: Yes, they all smell divine. This one is no exception.

    Helen@FFL: I was stuck with the Verbena and Lavender range for sometime :) Now I am exploring other ranges.

    Helen: This smells gorgeous. Sweet and fruity.

  5. I have a slight obsession with hand cream. This sounds lovely I shall add it to my list of things to try, I think I should stop reading your blog! My list is ever increasing ;)

  6. i love the sound of english honey x