Rituals Limited Edition Sacred Fire White Patchouli and Cedar Wood Candle

You may have heard of the saying "Man loves company - even if it is only that of a small burning candle." by Georg C. Lichtenberg. All I can say to that is I love the company of candles. The steady energy and warmth that candles give out have a calming and relaxing effect, more so when the weather is horrible like it has been the past week. The past week I have been enjoying the company of the Rituals Limited Edition Sacred Fire White Patchouli and Cedar Wood Candle.

Even as I held the candle package in hand, I could smell the fragrance before I had unboxed the candle. As I unboxed it, I fell in love with colours. A lovely dark purple jar holds the berry coloured wax - the colours are so perfect for the current season. The candle fragrance is luxurious and indulgent. It creates the perfect setting for the Christmas month and thankfully it is not very spicy like most other Christmas scents. The fragrance is a lovely blend of Cedar and Patchouli that imparts a sweet festive feeling. Mr. H, who is quite fussy about fragrances, loves this one. We both agree that this candle from Rituals is very soothing and relaxing.


If you are a fan of scented candles like me, then do grab this one while you can. The candle is a part of the Rituals Limited Edition Christmas Range and is always sold out very quickly.

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*I received this product as a Rituals Reviewer Panel Member. Views are however 100% my own.

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