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Go Healthy - Give Berry White Organic Drinks a Go

If you are one of those who is always guzzling colas and other unhealthy drinks, then today's article is for you. What if I were to tel...

If you are one of those who is always guzzling colas and other unhealthy drinks, then today's article is for you. What if I were to tell you about an organic drink packed full of flavour and which offered health benefits as well? I am sure you would be interested. So let me introduce you to BerryWhite Organic Drinks.

Andrew Jennings, the CEO of BerryWhite, launched the range in UK in 2012. In his own words "I’ve been interested in the properties of super fruits and white tea for a while and they were a natural choice for my key ingredients, so I sourced the finest organic produce, found a brilliant mixologist, and we began blending and blending and the result was BerryWhite."

The main ingredient in BerryWhite Organic Drinks is White Tea which is the least processed form of tea. White Tea contains antioxidants,  is also antibacterial and antiviral thereby protecting your body from damage that accelerates aging. Every bottle of Berry White contains 600mg of White Tea. There are 4 variants of the drink:
- Goji Berries with Peaches
- Pomegranate & Blueberry
- Cranberry, Guava & Elderberry
- Lemon, Ginger & Acai Berry

As you can see above, all the 4 variants are packed with goodness of super fruits. While all tasted lovely, my favourite was Lemon, Ginger & Acai Berry because the ginger gives a bit of kick to the sweet drink. Mr. H loved the Pomegranate & Blueberry one for its perfect blend of flavour. Overall, on the taste front all the 4 variants of this non-carbonated organic drink come out with flying colours. With no artificial preservatives, additives or added sugar BerryWhite drinks are an excellent choice if you are looking for healthy drinking options.

Before I end, I also would like to mention about their branding. Well designed packaging is always a winner. When I am out shopping, I always tend to reach out for those products that capture my attention due to their packaging. BerryWhite Organic Drinks instantly appealed to me because of their colourful and well thought of packaging. The distinctive and eye-catching appearance surely will stand out in a supermarket aisle amidst competition.

And last but not the least, BerryWhite gives a donation from every bottle sold to the charity - Global Angels, pledging a minimum 10% of profits. Wanna try BerryWhite? You can find a list of BerryWhite stockists here -

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