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Drink to the 'Good' side of life: Feel Good Drinks

Feel Good Drinks is a range of healthy drinks that are packed with 100% natural ingredients and with no added sugar . The range includes ...

Feel Good Drinks is a range of healthy drinks that are packed with 100% natural ingredients and with no added sugar. The range includes still and sparkling juice drinks, kids drinks, spring water drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. We recently got the chance to try out the range and here are our views.

The juice drinks come in 6 flavours:
- Orange and Passion Fruit(Sparkling)
- Apple and Blueberry
- Orange and Mango
- Cranberry and Apple
- Cloudy Lemon(Sparkling)
- Cranberry and Lime(Sparkling)

I had popped these drinks into the refrigerator as I enjoy my drinks chilled. The bottles are 275ml each and perfect for single serve. They do come in larger sized bottles as well but the smaller ones are ideal while travelling. The flavour combinations sounded so good to hear and I was keen to put them to test. The Cloudy Lemon Sparkling Juice Drink was my favourite. I love anything with lemon in it and knew this would be one of my favourites. The drink did not disappoint me. It was tasty and refreshing with just the right amount of fizz and a good sweet/sour punch. Loved it. I can see myself stocking up on this in the summer months. Cranberry and Lime was a new combination to me and I was a bit unsure how it would taste. Surprisingly it was very good. Mr. H who tasted this as well felt it would make a perfect partner for his Vodka. The third sparkling drink in the lot was Orange and Passion Fruit. This one was the least favourite of the sparkling drinks. Though it was refreshing and had a good taste, Passion fruit is not something I enjoy very much and so this was my least favourite.

The 3 still juice drinks are all excellent thirst quenchers. Mr. H loved the Orange and Mango juice drink. The flavour was a perfect blend of the two fruits he felt.

Feel Good Water is a low calorie spring water drink with fruit juice and added goodness of vitamins and minerals. These come in two flavours - Pomegranate and Lime. While Lime was my favourite, Mr. H preferred Pomegranate. The concentration of the fruit juices was just about right to give a mild flavour. With no added sugar and fortified with Calcium, Vitamin B5, B6, B7 and B12, this flavoured spring water range(60 calories per 400ml bottle) is a good alternative to many other flavoured water ranges out there in the market.

The final drink range we tried out was the non-alcoholic cocktails. There were three flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito and Peach Bellini. Made with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar, these single serve cocktails cans( 250ml) are perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious cocktail minus the alcohol. We also tried out one of the flavours with the addition of some Rum and it was just as delicious. The cocktails come in 750ml glass bottles as well and our final verdict is that they are great on their own and lovely as a mixer as well. Perfect for parties. Give it a try this Christmas.

Overall, we enjoyed all the different drinks from Feel Good. We liked the concept of being all natural with no added sugar. There are loads of fruity flavours to choose from, so everyone will find something that they love. I will be stocking up on our favourites on our next shop(available in Tesco, Ocado and may other stores).

Have you tried Feel Good Drinks? If not, then I would recommend that you try them out. They are refreshing, fresh and above all natural.

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  1. I love all the flavours in them especially passionfruit and orange and the cloudy lemonade.

  2. orange juice is the best one.

  3. I love feel good drinks, have not had them for a while so must seek them out in the shops soon! I used to work in a shop that sold them, so when I drink them it reminds me of that time!

  4. These are a nice range of healthy drinks. I loved cloudy lemonade too.