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A Natural Skincare Range from the Highlands of Scotland : Mary Jean

I am consciously shifting over to natural skin care, though still maintaining a balance between the natural products and the synthetic ones...

I am consciously shifting over to natural skin care, though still maintaining a balance between the natural products and the synthetic ones that I use. "Natural", "Organic" and "Green" are some of the keywords that are gaining popularity with consumers and in my quest for natural skin care products I came across another natural skincare brand - Mary Jean. Name after the founder, the company is a family business located in the Highlands of Scotland. The entire Mary Jean range is handmade to give the user the highest quality skincare product possible - natural and fresh.

I tried out 2 products from the Mary Jean range - the Sensitive Skin Facial Mask and the Vitamin Rich Body Cream.

The Sensitive Skin Facial Mask(30g, £5.69) with a handful of ingredients is a mask that cleanses and exfoliates all skin types, for evenly toned skin. Made with only natural powders, the mask is suitable for sensitive skin. It is easy to use. You need to simply mix a teaspoon of the mask powder in a small bowl with either water, yoghurt or Olive oil to make a paste. Apply it evenly over the face and neck and leave it on for 10 minutes before gently rinsing off. I have only used it with plain water and left if on for 10-15 minutes. I noticed that if you have applied it evenly, the mask can be peeled off as well; not as a single piece though(which is fine because this is not a peel-off mask in the first place). Prior to use I had read that it needs to be rinsed off, so was surprised when it peeled off.  I peeled off the mask on the forehead and the nose and it left me with such a clean smooth feeling. Overall, a lovely mask. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you try this.
(Note: Do not peel off if you experience any pain or if the mask has covered any hair(eyebrows). Use as per directions on the jar.)

The Vitamin Rich Body Cream(50g, £12.50) is one of the best body creams I have used. All natural and made with only carrier oils and butters this body cream is very luxurious and rich. It smells gorgeous. I fell in love with the smell. The cream is high in GLA and fatty acids but has a light and non greasy texture. It is easily absorbed into the skin and is perfect for dry and damaged skin. It also contains Sea buckthorn and Hazelnut oils which help to rejuvenate and soothe dry, flaky skin. Mr. H, with his dry skin problems, simply loves this. Like I mentioned earlier, the cream is rich and luxurious so you need to use it sparingly.

Some key points about the Mary Jean range:
- SLS Free
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Suitable for vegetarians or vegans
- Against animal testing

Both the products that I tried out are wonderful, and I recommend that you give this range a try. If you are interested, you can check out the entire product selection and purchase online here: Do come back and let me know which products you tried.

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