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ZEO - low calorie soft drinks with no artificial ingredients

I have been off tipple for quite a few months now(to give my system a break) and have been sticking to healthier options instead. That mean...

I have been off tipple for quite a few months now(to give my system a break) and have been sticking to healthier options instead. That means I am always looking for new soft drinks to try when I head out. When I read about ZEO - a new soft drink range with a tingling taste sensation, I was quite excited. More so because it comes from the edge of Russia - the Land of Intrigue.

ZEO is made from natural ingredients and is a blend of a range of botanicals, fruits and fantastical flavours - all from nature. We tried out three flavours:
- ZEO Crush: Tart luxurious flavour of Blood oranges that mingles magnificently with light yet pungent hints of lime and lemon.
- ZEO Zest: Filled with lime's zest and flavour.
- ZEO Burst: Sweet peaches rippled with a bitter grapefruit twist.

I was quite impressed with the packaging/branding. It definitely is aimed at the adult market. The bottles would definitely stand out in any supermarket shelf. And I think they could also be reused as single stem vases :) Coming to how the drinks fared in the taste department. I put Mr.H on a blind test. At dinner time, I filled our glasses with different flavours of ZEO and served it along with the food. The first thing that Mr. H asked me on trying out ZEO was whether I had come out of the self imposed tipple ban ;-). He said that the drink gave him a feeling similar to drinking alcohol. There was kind of warm sensation and some tingling feeling. I experienced the same too. Loved the sensory effects. ZEO Zest was 'perfect' with the spicy Chickpeas salad I had prepared. The fierce spice in the food was perfectly offset by the zingy flavour of Zest. The combination left me wanting for more.  I loved Zest the most. Mr.H preferred ZEO Crush. Overall, all the 3 flavours were good. They are not sickly sweet and would make an excellent non-alcoholic alternative for adults. I am keen to try it out in a cocktail as well; especially Zest.

The key ingredients in ZEO:
- Carbonated water
- Sugar extracted from sugar beets
- Natural flavourings
- Natural colourings
- Citric acid
- Pectin
- Stevia
And 32 botanical ingredients which you can read about here:

With less than 60 calories per bottle, these low calorie drinks are perfect for enjoying at home with family and friends. You can pick ZEO up from WHSmith, Harvey Nichols or Ocado. To learn more about ZEO, visit:

ZEO have launched a new variant - Tinglebells which is a sparkling fruit flavour soft drink with winter berry & mulled spices, and sugars and sweetener from nature. Though I have not tried this one yet, I feel it would be perfect for the festive season.

*PR sample

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