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QV Skincare for Dry Skin Conditions

At home, between Mr.H and myself we pretty much cover all kinds of skin/hair complaints :) Oily scalp, dry skin, sensitive skin, frizzy hai...

At home, between Mr.H and myself we pretty much cover all kinds of skin/hair complaints :) Oily scalp, dry skin, sensitive skin, frizzy hair and the list goes on. One thing we both share in common is dry body skin. While Mr.H has more severe dryness than me, winters tend to make my skin drier too. About a month back when QV Skincare sent across samples from their product range, I knew they had arrived at the right time. QV Skincare is one of the few brands that uses glycerol in many of its products. Glycerol a naturally occurring humectant helps the skin to retain moisture while also protecting it against irritation. Since Glycerol is not greasy and won't block pores it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

The QV Skincare range includes:
- QV Intensive Ointment
- QV Cream
- QV Skin Lotion
- QV Bath Oil
- QV Gentle Wash

We have been using these for around a month now and within a week we could notice the difference. The QV lotion is amazing. It suits all skin types and has the 'perfect' texture. It sinks into the skin easily and offers good protection while being gentle on the skin. No greasiness at all and keeps skin moisturised all day long. Mr.H is now calling this his HG body lotion. It has worked very well on his extreme dry skin. The ointment also applies very easily and moisturises well without the need to reapply throughout the day. It soothes the skin and calms itching as well. I have been using the QV bath oil regularly and have noticed that it disperses easily in the water. It is safe for infants as well. Used in conjunction with the QV cream, this duo will keep your skin hydrated for he whole day. The QV Intensive Ointment is highly emollient and has found use as an overnight balm. It helps to soothe sore skin and also promotes healing. This one has stopped me from getting up in the middle of the night due to itchy skin. These products are one of the best set of skincare products that we have tried for dry skin conditions.

What I liked?
- SLS free
- Free from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol
- Contains glycerol - a natural humectant
- Works well even on sensitive skin

Mr. H liked the fact that the intensive ointment is non-comodogenic, i.e. it does not block pores. This is ideal for his facial skin as it is not only dry but also prone to adult acne. This ointment provides the necessary moisturisation while keeping the pores unclogged.

The 5 products are graded from 1-4 with 1 being the lightest. This will help you to choose the right product for the right skin type and condition. While the range is suitable for all ages, it would be perfect for kids. QV also has a adorable character called Qool Vince who appears in all their promotional material. He explains about itchy skin and ways to treat it. This will appeal to young kids and make it easier to get them to

Like I said earlier, this is one of the best product ranges for dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin conditions, then do try this out. You will 'Feel the Difference'. You can purchase the range online at Crawford Healthcare

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