Nutritious and High Energy Flapjacks from Nutrichef

Flapjacks are one of the most popular tray bakes in Britain. Traditional varieties of flapjacks are rich in fat translating into higher calories per bar. If you are on a diet or eating healthy and want to substitute traditional flapjacks with healthier options then Nutrichef have the perfect alternative for you - The Nutrichef Flapjack.

The flapjacks come in three flavours: Apple & Ginger, Cherry & Almond and Full of Fruit. We tried out all the 3 variants at home. While all 3 of them make good choices as a pre/post workout bar or even as a breakfast bar, the Apple & Ginger flapjack was the favourite in terms of flavour. The zingy combination of apple and ginger is quite good. Cherry & Almond comes in second while the 'Full of Fruit' variant was our least favourite as it felt a wee bit more greasy than others. All 3 however are quite filling and are like a meal in themselves. You can have one for lunch and it will give you enough energy to last until your next meal.

Perfect as a nutritious and satisfying snack, you can purchase these flapjacks online on Amazon. A pack of 12 is currently on offer for less than £14.00. You can check out the nutritional information and the ingredient list for each variant of the flapjack on their website -

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