bubb & DIMPLES Nourishing Body Oil Candle

Candles and soothing body oil - what a perfect combination for the winter months. If you have been following my blog, you would remember me mentioning about the Orange and Jasmine body oil candle that I have been using. Todays post is about yet another body oil candle - the bubb & DIMPLES Nourishing Body Oil Candle.

Containing Natural and Organic Soy, Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Pure Fragrance, this candle will make a wonderful gift for a loved one or to oneself. Light the candle and let it burn for around 20 minutes. Dip you fingers into the melted wax and apply the oil to the skin. It feels heavenly. The wax/oil melts into the skin and leaves it moisturised. The Rose Geranium fragrance is soothing and relaxing - perfect for use before you hit the bed.

You can check out the bubb & DIMPLES range here - bubbanddimples-organics.com

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