Instant Body Upgrade - an online weight loss and health programme

Most of us have struggled with weight issues at some point or the other. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to lose weight and stay that way. One needs determination and support as well. Lot of online programmes have come up which help you in your journey to get fit. In September I was given the opportunity to try out the Instant Body Upgrade - an online weight loss and health programme by Donna and Tora - Body Confidence Coaches and authors of I Want What She’s Having, Now.

The online programme is perfect for beginners as it gets you started on your fitness regime and a healthy lifestyle. There is a range of exercises, meal plans, healthy recipes and motivational videos on the website to get you started on a sustainable exercise plan. The exercises are fun. Once you register, you can download the videos to your laptop and work out whenever you like. There is an assessment of your fitness levels at the beginning of the programme and a 'Fitness Test' that you do every 30 days to monitor your improvement. This is excellent as it lets you know how much progress you have made.

The website also has a lot of interesting healthy recipes. They are simple with no fancy ingredients and yet not boring like you would assume healthy food to be. The videos explain about portion sizes and how much one should eat to lose or maintain weight. There are lot of useful guides too that help you to focus and take action. Most of these are common sense advice which we usually tend to overlook/ignore in our daily life. I hope they keep adding to the healthy recipe list as well more exercise videos.

The best part of the programme according to me is their exercise routine. When I started out, it was a bit difficult to get going as I had not been exercising since some time. But after a month, I can say that my stamina has improved. I still haven't achieved my desired weight and need to tone up a lot. But this has started me off on the right path. As with any programme one needs to be dedicated, work hard and not give up. That is the only way to achieve what you desire. So, I am going to continue with this routine. If you would like to read more about the Instant Body Upgrade, then you can do so on the website here. It will be a great way to start off if you are a beginner. Happy exercising!

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* This post is a wonderful collaboration with Donna and Tora. I was not compensated for this post but Donna and Tora had given me the opportunity to try out the Instant Body Upgrade. Views expressed are based on my personal experience.

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