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FIT Skincare for Men

FIT Skincare for Men is a range of body sculpting, skin and hair care products designed specifically for men. Recently I was sent samples ...

FIT Skincare for Men is a range of body sculpting, skin and hair care products designed specifically for men. Recently I was sent samples of the FIT Skincare range for Face for trialling and these were put to test by Mr. H over the last few weeks. The products were: Eyedrate+, Lip-Solve and Stress-Less. Read below for his views on the 3 products.

Eyedrate+ (20ml, £50.00)
The under eye area is the most delicate and the first to show signs of stress and aging. Eyedrate+ containing Hyaluronic acid and Cucumber extract helps to hydrate the under eye area and to reduce puffiness. The texture is amazing and you need a very little amount for each application. The product glides easily onto the skin and is absorbed easily. Mr. H has noticed that this product has helped keep his under eye area hydrated and soft. He thankfully doesn't have under eye bags and so cannot comment on that aspect, but he gives it top marks for hydrations and soothing effect.

Lip-Solve (20ml, £40.00)
With active ingredients like Pisum Sativum extract, Algae extract and Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide, this lip serum is a true winner. I must confess that I have sneaked this a couple of times when Mr. H wasn't looking and have tried it on myself. One of the best lip serums I have tried. The texture is awesome and it provides long lasting suppleness. It is not greasy, doesn't have any shine but forms a protective layer on the lips thereby retaining moisture and preventing/repairing existing dryness. This is the favourite of Mr. H amongst the 3 products that he tried.

Stress-Less (20ml, £40.00)
Stress-Less contains active instant line filling ingredients that have been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crows feet, whilst hydrating the skin. Like the other two products, you only need a little for each application. Apply it on those areas where you have lines - i.e. on the forehead or around the corners of the mouth. Use sparingly and follow it up with your regular moisturiser. This one helps in keeping the skin hydrated and gives a smoother texture.

Overall, all the 3 products are good with Lip-Solve being a favourite. The fact that there is no detectable fragrance and it has an awesome texture that sinks into the skin leaving no greasiness behind makes these 3 products come out tops. You can check out the entire FIT Skincare range and purchase online here -

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