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Diet Plans from Exante Diet - Simple Weight Loss

Around 2 weeks back I was sent the Exante VLCD Diet package for one week. The pack contained 1 weeks supply (21 products) of diet food. Ex...

Around 2 weeks back I was sent the Exante VLCD Diet package for one week. The pack contained 1 weeks supply (21 products) of diet food. Exante offers different types of diet packages - VLCD, LCD and Maintenance. A Very Low Calorie Diet(VLCD) is basically a calorie reduced diet that offers around 800 kcal per day while providing 100% of the recommended daily RDS's of vitamins and other nutrients. A typical conventional everyday meal provides women with the recommended daily kcals of around 2000. When you embark on a low calorie diet, your body begins to use up the stored fat to combat the calorie reduction thereby resulting in weight loss.

As with any diet, consult your GP prior to embarking on a diet especially if you have any medical conditions. Since I am currently on prescribed medication and could not go for a total VLCD, what I did was to have these products as replacements for some of my normal everyday meals. My package contained a selection of items - nutrition bars, soups, shakes and pasta. The soups and shakes are available in a range of flavours.

The shakes come in six flavours - Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla, Toffee Caramel and Chocolate Mint. We tried the first 4 and they were much better than I had expected. I would choose to drink these in the future as well. The only point to keep in mind is to mix these in a blender as opposed to a shaker. When mixed in a shaker they did not mix very well and there were some lumps even when I asked Mr. H to shake it up for me. Conversely when made in a blender, they were a delight. Both Mr. H and myself give it top points for being filling and pleasant tasting as well.

The soups provided in the pack were - Tomato & Basil, Thai Chicken, Mushroom and Vegetable Soup. The soups contain NO aspartame, artificial colours, MSG or genetically modified products. Its a 50-50 here. We liked the Mushroom and Vegetable variants. The Tomato & Basil soup did not have a soupy texture even though I prepared it as per the instructions. The Mushroom and Vegetable ones turned out good and though we had to add extra seasoning as per our choice, these 2 are something that I would not mind including in my diet plan in the future. With a bit of pepper and chilli flakes the soups tasted good.

There were 2 varieties of cereal bars: Chocolate-Orange and Toffee, Nut & Raisin. These were the best products in the pack for two reasons. One it needs no cooking/preparing, two - they are quite filling and good on the taste front as well. Initially when I tried them I was not sure of the taste - found it a bit strange. But as you continue to eat you begin to get used to the taste. Mr. H has taken them on occasions as a lunch replacement and it keeps him full until the next meal. Compared to the soups and shakes, these are more satisfying probably due to the fact that you need to chew them and that makes one feel that you are actually eating some food. I would recommend these as breakfast bars or even as lunch replacement bars as they are filling and tasty as well. Perfect when you do not feel like making a shake/soup or when you are on the move.

Overall, of all the products that were sent out to me, the nutrition bars win hands down followed by the shakes. There is a good selection of products to choose from. You could try out the Exante Diet Taster Pack which contains all their core range of products and then based on which products you like, you could buy those in bulk. The one week taste pack contains 1 x Chocolate Orange Bar, 1 x Toffee Nut & Raisin Bar, 2 x Banana Shake, 2 x Chocolate Shake, 2 x Strawberry Shake, 2 x Vanilla Shake, 1 x Mushroom Soup, 1 x Thai Chicken Soup, 1 x Tomato & Basil Soup, 1 x Vegetable Soup, 1 x Pasta Carbonara, 1 x Red Bean Chilli, 1 x Shepherd’s Pie, 1 x Spaghetti Bolognese, 1 x Mushroom Risotto, 1 x Porridge Oats and 1 x Apple & Cinnamon Porridge. The pack is priced at £48.76 currently on the Exante Diet website.

You can either go for a total meal replacement or like me incorporate the Exante products into your daily meal until you reach a healthy target weight. Not everyone loses weight the same way or at the same speed, so you need to factor in all those points as well. Combined with an active lifestyle/moderate exercise, this diet will help you get on track with your weight loss.

The Exante Diet team offer free support and advice to help you reach your desired weight.

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