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Self-discipline is important in every aspect of life even with our eating habits. But the weather currently is such that I keep craving for sweet treats. These sweet cravings can affect even the most disciplined :-) But rather than reaching out to cookies and cakes, I have found a wonderful snack to chew on - Chimes Ginger Chews.

Made from 100% Indonesian Ginger which is renowned for being the best ginger in the world, these chews contain no additives or preservatives and are totally gluten free. Ginger has many health benefits including fighting the symptoms of motion sickness, headaches, indigestion, supporting the immune system and also easing pain and inflammation.

Chimes Ginger Chews contain pure ginger puree and all natural ingredients like cane sugar and tapioca starch. There are 4 variants - Original, Orange, Peppermint and Mango. All the variants contain the same ingredients plus an additional natural flavouring. The chews come in packs of 10. Each packet contains individually wrapped chews. I liked the packaging - bright colours for each variant with lovely art work. Makes it look very oriental and exotic.

Coming to the chews, they are individually packed as I had mentioned but sometimes get stuck to the wrapper. It is easy to pull them out though. They have a lovely chewy texture due to the presence of Tapioca starch. Though the chews are packed with ginger flavour, they are not too spicy. The Original version is my favourite while Mr. H liked all 4 equally. When you pop the chews into your mouth you may find it a little hard, but they soon turn very chewy and slightly sticky. They are a lovely chewy treat.  The original version has only 3 ingredients and still manages to satiate my cravings for sweet. I love such simple sweets which do not contain loads of additives and preservatives.

The chews leave a warm after-taste in the mouth for some time. The chewiness of the snack was lovely and overall the chews are comforting and delicious. Because these contain no additives or preservatives and are full of flavour, the chews have become an instant at home with family and friends alike. Do try them, I am sure you will also love them as much as did. You can read more about the chews here - globalbounty Which one do you think would be your favourite flavour?

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