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Rich Eye Balm for Aging Skin from Skinceuticals

My go-to eye cream for the past 5-6 weeks has been the Skinceuticals Eye Balm. My main eye concerns are lines under the eyes(which seem to ...

My go-to eye cream for the past 5-6 weeks has been the Skinceuticals Eye Balm. My main eye concerns are lines under the eyes(which seem to have developed in the past few years), dark circles and under eye dryness. I was keen to try this eye balm out and see if it is worth the price and the claims.

The balm(15g) comes in a small glass jar with an outer pale blue packaging. Ingredients are listed on the outer box. I love the blue and black combination - looks classy and elegant. Though the balm comes in a glass jar it is quite sturdy. It has withstood 2 falls (yes, clumsy me) and remained unscathed. While I normally prefer tubes for eye creams(for hygiene reasons), I do not mind this cute little jar packaging. I know, silly me, but I sometimes get attached to these containers :)

According to Skinceuticals, this eye balm is "A synergistic combination of highly effective, yet gentle phytochemicals that rehabilitates mature, ageing skin around the delicate eye area. This rich, corrective emollient treatment is specifically formulated to counter the three prime signs of ageing—moisture loss, collagen breakdown, and free radical damage."

Key Ingredients:
Soy isoflavones: Rich in isolated soy isoflavones, this ingredient stimulates collagen and hyaluronate production to firm skin.
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol): This emollient provides a strong antioxidant effect.
Silymarin: This antioxidant ingredient helps to neutralise free radicals and helps to prevent the visible signs of ageing.
Gorgonian extract: A natural marine extract with anti-inflammatory properties.

I have been using this balm religiously for the past 5-6 weeks. I dip my little finger in the jar and take a wee bit of the balm and gently pat it under the eyes. You need so little of the balm for each application, that you wonder whether it will work. But less is more in this case and it works well when used as directed. It goes on smoothly and gets absorbed very quickly. It has a thick creamy texture but is not greasy and is somewhat matte I feel. I have found no difficulty in applying the balm and it does not sting or irritate my skin. I have sensitive facial skin and was concerned about this, but never once has it irritated my skin. It is a fragrance free formulation so that helps as well. Now coming to how it has fared. My under eye area is definitely more healthier and hydrated than it was 6 weeks ago. There has been some improvement in the fine lines but not much effect on the dark circles. I also used this balm on my laugh lines and have noticed an improvement there as well. I feel prolonged use of the product may show much better results. Since, I have still lots of product left in the jar, I will keep using it to get the long term benefits.

What I like about Skinceuticals Eye Balm?
- Perfect for maturing or ageing skin around the eyes.
- Helps reduce dryness under the eyes.
- Non irritating: works for normal, dry and sensitive skin alike.
- Boosts collagen production.
- Easy application and is not greasy. Use just the right amount as directed.

The balm contains parabens, but I will ignore this fact for now as the product is working for me and/or until I find an alternative.

While the balm is not cheap; it is priced at £64.00(special offer now for £49.95) for a 15g jar on Outline Skincare; it is value for money. The reason being this tiny jar will last for months. So, if you compare the price vs. usage, this works out fine for me.

Have you used the Skinceuticals Eye balm? I would love to hear about your experience. Do leave your comments/review below.

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