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Paraben free 100% pure organic wet towelettes from Mendill

I have been trialling Mendill Organic Towelettes for some time now and am going to share my views with you today. Mendill's products a...

I have been trialling Mendill Organic Towelettes for some time now and am going to share my views with you today. Mendill's products are the world’s only 100% organic towelettes. From their cotton to essential oils, all of the ingredients are certified organic. These pure organic wet towelettes come in 5 variants: Tangerine, Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus and Lavender.

Tangerine: With a fresh sweet citrusy fragrance this towelette is infused with tangerine oil. You can use it to wipe countertops in the kitchen or to remove grease and oil spots. Mendill suggests that you can leave one open in the bathroom as an air freshener.
Lemon: With lemon oil this towelette is perfect for facial use as an astringent. Or you can inhale it to stimulate energy. This one can also be used over the face as an aftershave.
Orange: The natural disinfectant qualities of Orange oil make it perfect for cleaning and treating scratches. You can use it help freshen a dull face or just inhale to benefit from aromatherapy.
Eucalyptus: One of my favourites, this towelette has so many versatile uses. You can rub it on sore muscles to ease stiffness or on your chest to relieve congestion. Want to treat a sunburn? Then this towelette is for you.
Lavender: With its calming effect this one is perfect for night time use. Use it to remove makeup or just inhale and relax. Use it over the armpit area as a deodorant.

My take on Mendill Towelettes:With no artificial fragrances or chemical nasties, these wipes are perfect for everyone. The towelette size is good and these have become my companions while travelling. While they may not look much different from other such wipes, it is what is 'inside' that counts. They are gentle and even my sensitive skin seems to love these towelettes.  I also use them around in the house - in the kitchen and in the bedroom.  Of all the 5 variants my favourites are the Lemon and Eucalyptus ones. I sometimes also leave an open towelette in the living room to freshen the air.

Mendill are against animal testing and this gets them brownie points from me. They also are a part of the 1% for the Planet group. They donate 1% of their sales to organizations in support of environmental causes. That is commendable too. They use 100% organic ingredients and recycled materials for packaging. I like Mendill as a brand and see myself using their products in the future. If you want to learn more about Mendill you can do so on their website.

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