♥ Cetuem Calcium Nail Builder ✔ For Fragile Nails

I discovered Cetuem recently and am in love with their nail enamels and nail care products. My finger nails have turned brittle since the past few months. They have become very thin and split easily. That is the reason why I have been keeping them short and uncoloured even though I love painted nails. I have been using nail colours only on my toe nails for quite a long time now and used to wonder if my finger nails would ever improve. I started with Biotin supplements for nails a little while back and was also looking out for any product that I could apply on my finger nails to improve their condition.

Cetuem came to my rescue like a knight in shining armour. I have been using their Calcium Nail Builder for a couple of weeks now to strengthen my nails. The product is a kind of gel that has been formulated with calcium and panthenol and helps to revitalise nails that are flaky, weak or fragile. If you suffer from vitamin or calcium deficiencies, then this gel will help strengthen and prevent the nails from splitting and breaking. It is very easy to use the gel. You need to apply it for 7 days at a stretch. I have been applying this every day in the morning and on the 7th day remove it with nail enamel remover and repeat the process again.

To be honest, I was not expecting anything to happen in a few weeks of usage. But Cetuem has proved me wrong. Within 3 weeks, I feel my nails are in a much healthier condition. Although there has been no quick spurt of growth, the nails are definitely feeling stronger. And that is what I wanted. You can use this gel as a base coat, but I prefer to use it on its own. It imparts a clear shiny finish and I am loving that. Ladies, if you have any nail deficiencies or want to prevent your nails from splitting or breaking, then the Cetuem Calcium Nail Builder is for you. Priced at £9.95 for a 14ml bottle, it is worth every penny. You can pick up the product on Cetuem's website - www.cetuem.com and also check out their 3-in-1 nail strengthener and cuticle oil while you are there.

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