Woods of Windsor Bergamot & Neroli Soap

I love citrusy fragrances. The Woods of Windsor Bergamot and Neroli Soap that I am talking about today has just the right blend of citrus fruits and essential oils with a herbal heart and woody base notes to make it to my favourite's list. Apart from the soap, the Bergamot & Neroli range includes a moisturising hand wash, bath and shower gel and a hand and body lotion.

The soap's packaging is simple and classy just like the True Rose range. The blend of Bergamot and Neroli is awesome. The soft floral and somewhat woody aroma of Bergamot and the sweet honeyed scent of Neroli make for a refreshing fragrance. Neroli oil is said to have a soothing effect and relieves tension and anxiety. Used in the soap it is perfect for a relaxed and positive start to the day. Don't laugh but whenever I use this soap, I am for some reason transported to a woody forest with blossoms of Neroli in full bloom :)

The soap is triple milled and as such is smooth, uniform and long lasting. The high quality of the soap makes it rich and creamy with soft suds. Both me and Mr H love this luxuriously fragranced soap. You can check the entire range on Woods of Windsor and order online as well. Let me know what products you pick up.

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