Luxurious Dusting Powder from Woods of Windsor: True Rose Dusting Powder

I have always had a love for dusting powders. Silky soft dusting powders with a sweet feminine fragrance are such a pleasure to use. If you have been following my blog, you must know of my love for rose fragrance whether it is in face masks, body lotions or even plain rose water. Woods of Windsor have clubbed both my 'loves' into the True Rose Dusting Powder.

According to their website the dusting powder is delicately fragranced with True Rose petal scent, combining crisp green Violet leaves, Rose Otto and warm Damask Rose. I was in transported into a magical world just reading the description. So imagine my pleasure when I held the container in hand and the smell came wafting even from the closed container.

The packaging is lovely and elegant. I absolutely love the hand-painted floral illustrations. The designer has done such a good job with the illustrations. Each range has its own distinctive illustration and looks so classy and unique. I love this new packaging more than the old one. The container has a good sealing lid ensuring that the powder doesn't spill or leak. A soft fluffy puff is also included in the box.

The box contains 100g of the product and will last a long time. The powder is wonderful both in terms of its texture and fragrance. It is soft and smooth and glides easily onto the skin with the puff. The fragrance is perfect - delicate, warm and sweet just like rose petals. Sometimes rose fragranced products tend to have a synthetic scent, but not this one. This one smells like true rose. I am very happy with the fragrance. Overall, it's a lovely product. Woods of Windsor have given a touch of luxury to this everyday product. If you love dusting powders like me, you will love this one for its light airy texture and true rose fragrance.

You can check out the Woods of Windsor website to read more about their range and to shop online.

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  1. Nice review sweets :) I wish I can lay may hands on product you review ;)

    1. This one has a really lovely fragrance. If you love roses you will love this.


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