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Unique recycled bags from Vaho

As someone who loves the nature/environment, I do my bit to protect and preserve it. And I hold people/companies that help protect and nurt...

As someone who loves the nature/environment, I do my bit to protect and preserve it. And I hold people/companies that help protect and nurture the environment in high esteem. They could be doing this either by reducing energy usage, reducing wastage or reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials by recycling. In the current world that we are in, we need more such people. When I came across Vaho, I was immediately drawn to them because of their philosophy that combines environmentalism with fashion.

Vaho is a company which encourages and promotes social integration. They transform advertising banners that have reached their life's end into unique bags of all kind. The Vaho team looks out for PVC ad banners that dot the city of Barcelona and these banners form the raw material for the fashion pieces that they come up with. The banners are cleaned, treated and then made into quirky and unique bags. 'Green' fashion at its best. The banners which would have otherwise been destroyed find a new lease of life. Vaho has many shops in Barcelona, so if you are in the city do drop in and I am sure you will return with quite a few interesting pieces. Vaho also have an online shop for those who are not in Barcelona.

Vaho stocks messenger bags, baguettes, laptop bags, travel bags, wallets, backpacks and much more. Each piece is unique and they make excellent souvenirs - something to remember Barcelona by. I have one of the Messenger bags from Vaho and have been using it over the last week for various outings. It has accompanied me to the local park, on canal side walks and even while just out shopping. Here are my views:
1. Comfort: The messenger bag comes with an adjustable strap and can be worn over either shoulder and can also be positioned high up on the back which is especially handy when you are biking.
2. Storage: The bag is large enough to hold a lot of things. On one of my canal side walks I carried a book, a bottle of water, some edibles, camera and a large camera lens, my sunglass case, phone, sunscreen and a few other small items. It held everything quite well. The bag has a small section under the main flap which is perfect to store small items like keys, money, maps etc.
3. Versatility: The bag is colourful and quirky and can accompany you on your picnics/walks, to the gym and even while out shopping. It is also comfortable for cyclers.

In the couple of weeks that I have had the bag, it has been performing well and looks to be durable. I am not very sure about how well it will manage in the rain but looking at the material I feel it may have some degree of water resistance. Overall, I am loving the Vaho messenger bag.

Vaho has also very kindly offered 15% off on all online orders till end of year 2013 for the readers of this blog. All you need to do is use the code 15VADBR13 when you checkout. So head to and place your order now. Happy shopping!

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  1. The bag is good, but the customer service experience was really bad.

    First of all, it's not the design I ordered! Happily I like this one too but what the heck? Here's why I won't bother sending it back or anything:

    First, they forgot to send it for two weeks. Errors are human, I would've understood, but here's what's not acceptable: I never got a proper reply, with at least "oops, sorry about that", to messages I sent by form, email, messenger AND instagram. I only got a standard "your order has been sent" by email a whole week later (that is 3 weeks after my original order).

    All in all the bag I paid "3 day shipping" for arrived a month later, and it wasn't the right bag. It had a couple of goodies with it, but honestly, I didn't need that, I needed to be acknowledged.

    This is also not a language barrier as my first email was in Spanish, which I speak as well.

    I don't say this often but I would therefore not recommend you order from Vaho. Maybe in person in the shop it's a good experience, and I do like the project and the bags, but they are not up to standards when it comes to a web shop.