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BōN Handmade Natural Soaps

If you have been following my blog posts, then you will be aware that I LOVE soaps. And if it's a natural handmade soap, then it has ...

If you have been following my blog posts, then you will be aware that I LOVE soaps. And if it's a natural handmade soap, then it has a charm of its own. A few weeks ago, the lovely team at BōN offered me some of their handmade natural soaps to try and review. BōN is derived from the French word bonne, which means good. After using their soaps, I can say that the word BōN is aptly suited to their products because it does a lot of good to the skin. BōN source natural and organic ingredients while also making sure that the ingredients are sustainable, fair-trade and free of any harmful additives.

BōN soaps come in the following variants:
- Charcoal & Avocado
- Pur
- French Pink Clay
- Coffee Scrub
- Mango & Shea Butter
- French Lavender
- Cucumber & Jasmine

I tried the first 5 soaps and my favourite of the lot is undoubtedly the Charcoal & Avocado one. Activated Charcoal powder is a well known exfoliant and removes impurities from skin. Avocado Oil restores moisture back to the skin. So that makes it a perfect combination. I have been using this as a face soap and it works well for my combination skin.

The Coffee Scrub comes in a close second. As suggested by BōN, I am using this in the kitchen. The soap contains ground coffee, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Rice Bran oil. Excellent to use after cooking or cleaning as it deodorises and leaves the hands smelling lovely. This soap can also be used as a body exfoliator.

The Pur version is a favourite of Mr H as it contains no colourants, additives or essential oils. Its soap in its purest form. It contains Coconut oil and Vitamin E to heal and moisturise the skin. This soap is suitable for sensitive skin.

Overall, I am quite impressed with BōN. I cannot fault any of the soaps that I have tried and I feel they are all good value for money. Lot of thought has gone into the branding. The packaging is simple yet eye-catching and matches the essence of the brand which is - Do Good First. The soaps are natural and contain high quality organic ingredients. BōN also do not test on animals. What more could I ask for?

You can check out BōN Soaps on their website. And don't forget to let me know which is your favourite soap.

*PR samples


  1. Gosh - These are soo tempting <3
    I'm a huge fan of handmade soaps <3 .. These looks yummy too ;)
    Lovely clicks dear <3

  2. They are quite good. And I love the names as well :)

  3. Soaps look tempting and lovely bars :)

    Nice clicks :)

    1. Yes Gowthami, the soaps are all natural and look pretty as well.

  4. The soaps look yummy and make me want to eat them :P Lovely pics dear <3

  5. Thank you!!
    Yes, they look and smell good enough to eat :)