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Black et Blanc Mycrolator Kit

A little while ago I received this Black et Blanc Mycrolator Kit for trialling. If you have used or heard of the Dermaroller , then this M...

A little while ago I received this Black et Blanc Mycrolator Kit for trialling. If you have used or heard of the Dermaroller, then this Mycrolator is basically a less scarier version of it.

What is the Mycrolator Kit?It is a gentle and effective restorative skin treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The kit contains an unique non-invasive device with microneedles, a set of filtered facial oil serums and a cleansing jar/solution.
- The Mycrolator: It is made of medical grade plastic with microneedles embedded in it. The microneedles are also medical grade and stainless steel. I had never used the Dermaroller for fear of the needles, but this one is gentle and effortless to use. It doesn't prick or sting and is quite painless.

- The Facial Oils: You can choose from different types of oils while ordering your kit - Dry skin blend, Sensitive skin blend, Mature Skin blend, Blemished Skin blend or the Antioxidant blend. All the oils are cold pressed and do not contain artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances.

- A cleansing jar and solution to store the Mycrolator between uses.

Why do we need the Mycrolator?Our skin's top layer is made up of dead cells. So when we apply creams or lotions not all of it is absorbed into the skin due to these dead cells. And so we do not see the full benefit of using skincare products. What the Mycrolator does is to cause a disruption in the topmost layer of the skin. This has 2 benefits:
- the disruption to the dead cells results in production of new healthy cells
- when the dead cells are disrupted, micro pockets are created on the skin which store oils/creams that you apply. This aids in better absorption.

How to use the Mycrolator?- Wash and pat dry your face.
- Rinse the Mycrolator under running hot water.
- Gently dab the Mycrolator on to the skin. Do not twist or drag. Just a gentle dab is enough. Do it on all problem areas but do not use on active acne, moles or warts. Read the manual carefully before using.
- Wash the face again and pat dry.
- Now pour a few drops of the facial oil onto your fingers and gently apply on the mycrolated area.

My experience with the MycrolatorI like the fact that the needles were quite painless - this was the main fear I had prior to use. The treatment needs to be done twice a week at night. There has not been much noticeable reduction in the blemishes yet(I had been using them on a few trouble spots) but it has left my skin feeling softer. I think it will be a wonderful product for those with dry skin. But again as with any product what works for me may not work the same for you and vice versa. So always check the ingredients and do a patch test before use.

You can buy the Mycrolator Kit online here. They have a starter kit and a full kit and you can choose the oil blends based on your skin type. And before I end, please do read the instruction leaflet carefully before using any product for the first time. Let me know if you try this out.

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