Beauty UK Posh Polish - Denim fx no.35 - Blue denim

Beauty UK recently added 2 new polishes to their extensive collection. Keeping in line with the current fashion trends they introduced 2 Denim effect posh polishes - denim fx no.35 - blue denim and denim fx no.36 - black denim. I received the Blue denim polish along with 2 other colours and today I will review the blue denim.

The polish comes in a 9ml bottle priced at £3.49. You can buy it either online on Beauty UK's website or pick it up from Superdrug. The polish has subtle silver shimmers and dries to an almost matte finish. It goes on well and looks good/opaque even in a single coat, however as always I have used 2 coats without a top coat. The application is easy and it dries quickly. This is one polish I think I will be reaching out to frequently because I LOVE denim :)

Like Beauty UK says - your favourite denim can now be worn every day!
Do you like denim polishes? Which one would you choose - the Blue denim or the Black Denim?

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  1. I love Denim - Such a Killer shade <3
    It's looking stunning on your nails :)

    1. Thank you Vipra.
      Denim lovers will love this colour.


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