Rituals Happy Buddha Organic Mandarin and Yuzu Foaming Shower Gel

The Laughing Buddha range from Rituals has been inspired by Budai, a Chinese folklore monk. The monk also known as the Laughing Buddha always had a smile on his face and was admired for his happiness and content nature. It  is believed that rubbing his belly brings good luck and happiness. But for me, just one look at the colour (of the packaging) of the Laughing Buddha range was enough to make me happy. The bright orange colour feels like the  colour of happiness. First glance and I felt that Rituals had nailed it with the choice of colour.

Moving onto the product; I had never used a foaming shower gel earlier, so this was something that I was looking forward to try. The gel-to-foam technology is similar to gel shaving foams. You squeeze a wee bit onto your palm and immediately on contact with water the gel turns into a rich foam. So, all you need to so is massage a little bit of the gel into damp skin and then enjoy the rich foaming sensation.

The two main ingredients in this product are: Mandarin and Yuzu. The Mandarin orange and Yuzu (Citrus ichangensis × C. reticulata) both belong to the Citrus family and as such the scent is fresh, citrusy and very refreshing. I could smell sweet orange and a slightly tart lemon fragrance. A wonderful fragrance to kick-start your day even though the fragrance doesn't last for too long after the shower. This is good in a way as it does not interfere with the fragrance of any perfume of EDT you may use later.

Since this product comes in a can unlike normal shower gels, there is zero chance of leakage while carrying. So, its the perfect choice while travelling. Also, since only a little amount is needed each time, I feel the can will last quite a long time. Overall, its a wonderful product and showering in the morning has become a happy 'ritual'.

Priced at £7.00 for 200ml, you can purchase the product online on Ritual's website or use their store locator page to find a store near you.

*This post contains a PR sample, but the review is 100% honest and my own view.

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  1. Hey lovely review n great pics .. Product looks a good one .. I love shower gel - Would love to try it :)


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