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Kreyol Essence - 100% Haitian Black Castor Oil Products

My search for organic and natural products has introduced me to many new brands; brands which I was not aware of earlier. One such brand wh...

My search for organic and natural products has introduced me to many new brands; brands which I was not aware of earlier. One such brand which I had the pleasure of trying out recently was Kreyol Essence. At the beginning of this month, the lovely Guemie from Kreyol Essence got in touch with me and explained about Kreyol's range of natural and organic beauty products which are produced in partnership with the people of Haiti.

Apart from the fact that the product range uses organic ingredients, the social entrepreneurial initiative of Kreyol Essence and their mission of "Natural with a purpose" was what drew me towards their product range. Not only has Kreyol Essence introduced Haitian beauty products to the world market but it is also doing a lot of good for the Haitian women by empowering them and creating new jobs for farmers and women. Kreyol works in partnership with the people of Haiti to  produce a range of affordable luxury beauty products.

Kreyol's main product is the Palma Christi Haitian Black Castor Oil. As most of you must know Castor Oils helps with the following:
- Nourishes hair
- Helps in relieving muscle aches and joint pains
- Removes corns, warts etc.
- Softens cuticle and promotes nail growth
- Moisturises and rejuvenates skin
- Helps with scars and stretch marks

Haitian Black Castor Oil is the base for Kreyole's product line which consists of hair and body butters, moisturising hair treatments, scented castor oil, body soufflés and skin soap bars. I was sent the Scented Palma Christi Haitian Black Castor Oil in Lavender and Lemon fragrances, the Lemon fragrance soap and the Palma Shea Lavender Soufflé.

Let me begin with the Scented Black Castor Oil. I received it in 2 fragrances: Lavender and Lemon. Of the 2, Lavender is my favourite. If you have used pure Castor oil you will know that it has quite a strong earthy fragrance of its own. Some like it, some don't. If you belong to the latter category then you will like these scented Castor oils as they mask the original scent while imparting a delicate fragrance. Castor oil is a thick oil, but Kreyol's range has managed to get the perfect consistency making it easier to apply whether as a hair oil or for skin care. I have used the oil as a hair massage oil and at night time for cuticle and feet repair. It has worked well in both cases. The fact that it smells pleasant and isn't as thick as normal castor oil makes it easy to apply. You can use the oil on your eyebrows at night as castor oil is said to promote hair growth. The oil can also be used as a massage oil to soothe sore muscles or aching joints.

Undoubtedly my favourite Kreyol product of all that I have tried so far, is the Palma Shea Lavender Soufflé. True to its description this one is a luxurious whipped body butter that literally melts into your skin. The fragrance is divine and it does not leave my skin greasy. If you are a dry skinned beauty, you will love this soufflé. I would love to try out the other variants of the soufflé as this seriously is a wonderful body butter which leaves your skin super moisturised.

The soap smells and feels like fresh lemon. The fragrance is uplifting and cleanses well.

If you love organic and luxurious products then you can view Kreyol's entire product range on their website.

*PR sample.

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