Emjoi Micro Pedi - Hard Skin Remover

I enjoy DIY beauty treatments and so when I received the Emjoi Micro Pedi in post for review, it was a pleasant and welcome surprise. I have used a hard skin remover from another brand and so was aware of how this device works. I was keen to try this one out thought as it looked quite ergonomic and comes with two different kinds of rollers(pink for coarse skin and the blue one for extra coarse skin).

The Micro Pedi operates on 2 AA batteries which need to be inserted in the battery section at the bottom of the handle. Batteries are not provided with the kit.

You need to wash and dry your feet and select the appropriate roller as per the condition of your feet and then turn on the unit. As simple as that. Gently move the unit over hard skin ensuring that you do not use it in the same location for more than 2-3 seconds at a time. Within 2-3 minutes your entire feet is done. Wipe or rinse your feet to remove the dead skin particles. Apply a foot cream. And tada you are ready to go.

It's very easy to change the rollers as well. Turn off the device and pull down the button on the side. The old roller can be removed now and slide in the new one and press until you hear a 'Click' sound.

Note: while using the Micro-Pedi, ensure that you have a newspaper under the feet as lot of dead skin flies around everywhere :) Or use it in the bathtub. That way it is easy to clean up the mess.

Since I do not go out to the beauty parlour for manicure/pedicure, this device is pretty useful to me. I am using it weekly to keep my feet in perfect condition for summer. Am also planning to get one for my mom as she is on her feet most of the day and this will do good to her hard heels.

What I liked?- It's pain-free.
- It is portable and convenient.
- Easy to clean.
- Does what it says - removes hard skin and leaves feet softer. Excellent for home pedicures.

What can be improved?- I wish it had a mains adaptor. (Normal batteries wouldn't last long. I am using rechargeable batteries though.)
- The replacement rollers could be made a bit cheaper ;-) Wishful thinking.

Overall, a wonderful device to remove hard skin. You can say goodbye to pumice stone and metal feet scrapers. You can purchase the Micro Pedi on Boots website where it is currently on offer at £29.99.

Have you ever tried any hard skin removing devices? What are your views?

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