Montagne Jeunesse Morello Cherry and Iced Mint Tired Leg Gel

The past weekend was tiring. We went on long nature walks as the weather was warm and sunny. The walks were enjoyable and we had a lovely time. But the weekend walks left my legs a bit sore and tired. I was planning to soak my legs in a tub of warm water and that's when I remembered that I had this Montagne Jeunesse Tired Leg Gel lying in the cupboard. What better time to use the
product than the current scenario? So, out came the foot shaped plastic sachet which contained 25ml of the product. I cut open the sachet to find a pinkish gel.

I had checked for directions on use on MJ website before cutting open the sachet. It said - Gently massage over legs and feet with an upward motion until completely absorbed. Pay particular attention to knees, calves and ankles. It contains sufficient amounts for both feet and lower legs. Don't use on irritated or broken skin and only use as directed.

So, that's what I did. Gently spread it on my legs. It is a pinkish gooey liquid - not like a jelly neither like a mask. But it was easy to spread and apply and has a very cooling effect. The Morello Cherry & Iced Mint fragrance did not appeal to me personally, it reminded me of a kid's strawberry flavoured mouthwash. Fragrance apart, the gel has a nice cooling effect on achy legs. It dries off very quick, so that's a good point as well. The sachet says that it will make your legs feel as light as feather :) I felt nothing remotely like that. It did have a cooling/refreshing feeling. But that's about it. I will probably not be repurchasing this one.

Tip: When using this or any leg mask/gel - wear shorts :) It will not only give you easy access to your entire legs but it also prevents the gel sticking to your clothes. The gel dries very quickly on application though.

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