Handy lip care tips

Beautiful lips are every woman's dream and you can achieve that with some simple tips and tricks at home. If your lips are dry and chapped then no amount of lipstick or lip gloss will make it look good. So here goes my list of tips (you might be aware of most of them) to get healthy lips.

1. Never pull out the skin from chapped lips. This will only make the matters worse. Instead make it a habit to exfoliate regularly with a mixture of Olive oil and brown Demerara sugar. Be gentle though and do not exfoliate if your lips are already cracked.

2. Mix equal quantities of Honey and Olive oil and apply it on your lips for 15-20 minutes to help heal cracks and to moisturise the lips.

3. If your lips are discoloured, you can use lemon/lime juice or saffron infused milk. Apply it to your lips, let stay for sometime and wash off. If done regularly this will help to get rid of the discolouration.

4. Just as we remove makeup at night, ensure that you clean your lips well and remove all traces of lipstick/gloss. Massage the lips with some almond oil or clarified butter and leave it overnight.

5. And last but not the least is my favourite - Beetroot juice. When applied to lips not only does it give instant colour but also regular usage reduces discolouration of lips. Mom used to do this for me when I was young :)

So, these are my handy tips. Whatever the shape and size of your lips, take good care of them and keep smiling. What lip care techniques do you use at home? I would love to hear your views.

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