Dr Organic Tea Tree Cream

If managing a combination skin was not enough, I have had to deal with an extremely sensitive skin for the last couple of months. While I am still to figure out what has caused this sudden change in my skin, I am managing the condition by using a lot of soothing and wherever possible organic creams.

So, when I was sent the Dr Organic Tea Tree Cream, it was a blessing that I welcomed. The cream is not only soothing but also antiseptic. I have been a regular user of Tea tree products, but mostly for spot treatments. This cream can be used all over and in addition to Tea Tree also contains Aloe Vera gel and Cocoa butter. It has the typical tea tree fragrance and the consistency of the cream is not too thick. It glides on easily on the skin and gets absorbed pretty soon. It has helped soothe skin irritations and manage the pesky skin bumps to a great extent.

The cream can also be used for insect bites and to treat itchy skin as well. This little tube of Tea Tree
cream has become a faithful handbag partner of mine. It goes with me everywhere - it even accompanied me on a short trip to Guernsey recently. Overall, its a nice soothing cream to treat rashes, insect bites and other minor skin irritations.

Have you used any Dr Organic products? And what do you do to deal with extremely sensitive skin?

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