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Dr Organic Bioactive Skincare - Organic Aloe Vera Gel

The outer packaging of Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel reads - "As effective as squeezing the gel straight out of a freshly cut Aloe Vera l...

The outer packaging of Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel reads - "As effective as squeezing the gel straight out of a freshly cut Aloe Vera leaf". When I read that I felt it was quite a tall claim. But after a few uses I can say this is one of the best Aloe Vera gels that I have used. The almost transparent gel looks just like pure Aloe Vera gel and has a very earthy fragrance - like freshly cut cucumber and grass. Love the mild fragrance. The gel is very refreshing and absorbs like a dream into the skin. It imparts a cool feeling upon application something like smooth silk running on skin. It does not leave you skin greasy or sticky but does make it perfectly toned.

How I have been using it?

- After sun gel: It's perfect for application after time out in the sun whether you have been sunbathing or just out walking. The gel is soothing, cooling and leaves your skin refreshed.
- After doing my eyebrows: I do my eyebrows at home and after plucking, the area tends to become red due to irritation. This gel is perfect for reducing the redness after plucking. Just dab a little over your brows and the redness disappears quicker than it would normally do.
- For rashes and allergies: The gel works well at soothing rashes and allergic out-breaks. Because it is hypo-allergenic it is safe and gentle enough to use on allergies and skin complaints without the worry of side effects. It does give you a break from the itching and scratching that accompanies most skin allergies.

The gel can also be used on scars and stretch marks, though I haven't thankfully used it for those conditions.

Some plus points of the gel:
- No parabens, no SLS
- Doesn't contain artificial colours or fragrances
- Hypo-allergenic
- Rich in polysaccharides
- Also infused with the goodness of Calendula, Cucumber and Witch Hazel

I love the packaging. It's simple yet eye-catching and has all the information you need to know printed on it. Because its transparent, I know how much of the product has been used up. One tip that I would suggest is to keep the tube in the refrigerator. Even at room temperature, it provides a cooling effect on application. But when stored in the refrigerator, the gel is much more soothing and cooling on application. Overall, its a wonderful gel and I would recommend it for its soothing properties.

This is the second Dr Organic product I have tried and I must say I am loving their products.

*PR sample.

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