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Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

I am slowly moving away from alcohol based skin care products. So when I got the chance to switch from my regular cleanser to an oil cleans...

I am slowly moving away from alcohol based skin care products. So when I got the chance to switch from my regular cleanser to an oil cleanser, I was quite excited. The Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil with its rich blend of organic oils seemed like a good option. Oil can dissolve oils and get rid of even heavy makeup. I have been using this cleansing oil every night and am amazed at how much dirt and grime even a makeup free face can hold. The oil does an excellent job at removing makeup. It has got rid of every trace of eyeliner, blush and lipstick without leaving my skin dry. And even on days when I am makeup free, it removes all traces of dirt.

The packaging is simple like the other products in the Skin Revivals range. The 100ml bottle will last a long time I feel because very little of the oil is needed for each use. The smell is mild and pleasant and it has grown on me. I find that the fragrance relaxes me. Love it :)

The usage is also quite simple. Just massage a little bit of the oil onto dry skin and then wipe away with a warm cloth. You can also wash it off with warm water. I prefer to just wipe it away and let that thin film of oil stay on my face. This keeps my skin soft until the morning. This cleansing oil is surely a good buy for those with dry skin, mature skin or those sensitive to alcohol. An excellent cleansing oil which not only cleanses but also moisturises and nourishes the skin.

I just wish that the list of ingredients was printed on the bottle itself. Other than that I am enjoying using this cleansing oil.

Some of the main ingredients(from the website)
- Avocado Oil - easily absorbed oil with emollient and hydrating properties.
- Rose Hip Seed Oil - naturally healing oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin A.
- Sunflower Oil - light, moisturising and cleansing.
- Sweet Almond Oil - nourishing and cleansing.
- Gold of Pleasure Oil - rich in fatty acids, prevents moisture loss and restores elasticity.
- Jojoba Oil - mimics human sebum and aids the healing process.
- Rose Geranium Oil - gently astringent, cleansing and anti-inflammatory.
- Wheatgerm Oil - helps improve circulation, repairs sun damage and rich in Vitamin E.

The plus points:
- free from preservatives and colours
- no artificial fragrance added
- Soil Association Certified - 99% organic
- effective cleanser and added moisturisation as well

Price and Availability:
100ml for £12.00
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