AVON Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring Body Cleanser and Lotion

AVON products are a permanent fixture in my beauty closet. At any given time you will find atleast 4-5 AVON products. Currently, coming to an end are two products that I had ordered a while back. It is the Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring Body Cleanser and Lotion.

The body cleanser claims to rejuvenate and improve the texture of ageging skin. It has been enriched with babassu oil for a more youthful appearance. The body cleanser is pale white in colour and has tiny purple coloured exfoliating granules. The granules provide very gentle exfoliation and I am happy on that front. The cleanser doesn't lather much but is easy to wash off.

The body lotion with babasu oil claims to rejuvenate skin's radiance and vitality. You need to massage it into skin using circular motions focusing on problem areas like hips, buttocks, abs and arms. It claims that after one week of use, skin will feel firmed and more toned. I have used both these products for about 2 months (not on a daily basis though). I do not feel that it has improved the skin firmness or tone. The cleanser does a good job of exfoliating gently. And the lotion is like any other moisturiser. Overall, nothing that makes it stand out in the sea of similar products.

Although I am almost done with both these products, I must admit I don't like the fragrance much. I can't put a finger to it, but the smell is not something I gravitate to. I do not think I will be repurchasing either of these products.

Available on AVON website.
The cleanser costs £3.00 for 250ml and the lotion is £3.50 for 250ml. However, I picked these up on offer costing me, I think, around £4.00 for both together.


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