Radox moisturise shower cream with Chamomile and Jojoba oil - Review

Sometime back I had browsed through the "Be Selfish" website of Radox to look at their new range. Liking what I had seen/read, I purchased many variants of their shower smoothies and stuff from the shower therapy range.

Today I will be reviewing the shower cream - Radox moisturise shower cream with chamomile and jojoba oil.

What the product claims?
Inspired by nature. We've selected & combined natural ingredients with our feel good fragrance to create this caring blend. Your Moisturise shower cream, with chamomile & jojoba oil will leave you cared for & ready to take on the day.

My experience:
The shower cream comes in a pretty pearly white plastic bottle like other Radox shower creams. I like the fact that it has a handle to allow you to hang it in the shower.

The cream has a slightly runny consistency and a floral fragrance. Some may find the fragrance a bit too strong, but I am okay with it. My husband doesnt like it because he feels it smells too feminine.

It lathers well and washes off well too. And the fragrance lingers on for some time. I have dry hands and legs so I feel the need to moisturise myself even after I have used this. I guess ladies with normal skin will find the shower cream moisturising and may not need to use a moisturiser. Overall, a nice product but nothing extraordinary.

What DB likes?
- the girly fragrance
- lathers and washes off well

What DB doesnt like?
- doesnt moisturise well

You can pick it up when its on half-price or some other similar offer.

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