Imperial Leather - Blissful Butterfly Lily and Amber shower cream - Review

I love shower creams and gels. At any time you will find loads of them stacked in the bathroom. And when I see an offer, I tend to pick up more stuff. Sometime back while shopping at Sainsbury spotted these 'Limited Edition' Imperial Leather Bath cream. Since it was on offer and a limited edition, I picked up a couple of these. Read on to see how it fared.

What the product claims?
Blissful - Divinely smoothing, Butterfly Lily and Amber shower cream will nurture and restore your skin blissfully. Beautifully fragrant and infused with pearls of moisturising jojoba oil.

My experience:
I have combination skin and so stock up on all types of shower creams. This one claimed to be a luxuriously rich moisturising shower cream which would leave my skin radiant ;-) Well, the first thing I noticed was that the consistency seemed to be thin compared to other shower creams I have used. The fragrance is lovely a mix of fruity and floral smells. Its relaxing and wakes you up as well. And its very feminine. I love that.

It lathers okay. Since its a bit runny; sometimes the product gets wasted. It leaves the skin smooth and clean but I do need to moisturise afterwards as well. The fragrance doesnt linger for long though.
Overall - a decent buy considering that I picked it up for £1.

What DB likes?
- the fruity/floral fragrance
- decent buy as I got it for £1 and lasted quite long
- leaves skin smooth and supple
- its pH balanced and dermatologically tested

What DB doesnt like?
- the consistency of the cream. Wish it had been slightly thicker. SOmetimes the product tends to get wasted if you are careless while showering.


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